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Jan 7, 2011 08:13 AM

Tapas in Pittsburgh

My daughter is just back (to Pittsburgh) from a semester in Madrid and is hungry for tapas. The only places I know of are Ibiza on the South Side and La Casa in Shadyside. Can anyone compare/contrast them? Offer other suggestions?

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  1. I haven't been to La Casa but hear good things. Ibiza is my favorite place for tapas in Pittsburgh. I must say that it doesn't have the fiercest competition around, though. I've been consistently unimpressed by tapas around here.

    Other than Ibiza, I also have generally enjoyed my experiences at Tusca in South Side Works. Friends have suggested Silk Elephant over near CMU, but I still haven't been there yet.

    Otherwise, I have had tapas at Seviche, Tamari and Bossa Nova and been thoroughly unimpressed every time. The service at all three seems consistently slow and uninformed and the food pedestrian at best. I still go to each from time to time - although I've almost completely given up on Seviche - but when I do it is for a few drinks at happy hour and maybe a small plate of food to share with friends. I really don't eat meals at these places anymore.

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      Silk Elephant has good tapas if you want Thai food. I've never had a bad experience of plate of tapas or sushi at Tamari. Bossa Nova was ok.. not that great.

      Tusca had good tapas and service but with multiple changing of hands/management, etc., I've heard the service has gone downhill along with the food. I haven't been there in quite some time.

      Ibiza is great for tapas too!

    2. Caffe Notte in Emsworth has what they call a "tapas" menu, but the dishes are more like big appetizers than small dishes and run around $10-$11 each. Food is good though. We'll usually order 3 plates for 2 people and share, while at Ibiza you could get 5-6 different small dishes for the same $30.

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        I have been to madrid, La Casa and Ibiza are mediocres comparisons. I suppose if she is really jonesing for the flavors, she can get it there, but it's definitely not the same. I was particularly turned off by La Casa when we saw them pull out a trader joe package and stick it in the microwave.

        1. re: yammers

          Ha! I ate at La Casa and really wasn't impressed... now I know why!

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            Its nice to hear the good reviews for Ibiza on here. Alot of other user reviews (not chowhournd) really made me shy away from ever going. Guess that can illustrate the difference between a hound and non hound reviews