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Jan 7, 2011 07:21 AM

Good farmers market with organics in/around Pasadena??

Just moved to Pasadena from west Hollywood and was not happy with Saturday farmers market at the high school. Could find hardly anything organic and little selection. Any advice for other nearby markets or CSAs?

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  1. Wow … if you don't like the Saturday market, I'm not at all sure what will make you happy around here. South Pas on Thursday afternoons and Alhambra on Sunday mornings are both pretty good in my opinion, but neither has quite the same scope. Of course I'm just looking at the fruits and veges, not so much where they came from and who grew them how; I know my fruit guys at the SoPas market are full-on organic, and haul their stuff all the way from down by Fresno, but I know that only because of many conversations with them. The new one in Glendale is supposed to be pretty swell, but the Americana gives me the galloping creeps so I'll let someone else report on that.

    1. i did the same move 4 yrs ago and experienced the same disappointment. Thursdays at South Pasadena is half the size/selection as Saturdays so you may be in for yet more disappointments. However, there are some nice new organic vendors lately. The only consolation is that the traffic to Hollywood is always clear on the 2 on Sunday mornings. The other thing is that I just got used to it after a while and you may too!

      1. Totally agree. I used to go to the HFM and the Monday morning West Hollywood farmers market. Pasadena was a letdown, even compared to the WHFM. I miss the organic produce stands like Glavin (sp?) farms and the couple who sold spectacularly good lettuces near the Sunset Blvd end (with the woman who always wears a wooly hat). After moving to Pasadena I've just become acclimated to the reduced circumstances, or occasionally go the the HFM.

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          Thanks for the thoughts - has anyone tried a CSA pick-up around here? Not quite the same as choosing your own but it's something. I also heard the Monrovia market is good?

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            I subscribe to the Abundant Harvest Organics CSA. Their Pasadena pickup location is the Fuller Seminary parking lot at the corner of Los Robles and Corson. Good variety and usually high quality with a good mix of fruits and veggies. I emailed them once when I got some bad scallions and they replaced them in my next box. You can also add on eggs, meat, etc.


            Haven't been to the Monrovia Farmer's Market yet. It's relatively new, but my mom has gone and she wasn't impressed. She thought the Alhambra one was much better.

        2. If you don't like Pasadena, you're not going to like anything else in the area. It's certainly the biggest one I've been to outside of Hollywood and Santa Monica.

          When did you go? There hasn't been a market the last two weeks because of the holidays. The week before that it was pouring rain and I'd say only about half of the regular vendors were there. In fact, that' was pretty much true the entire month of December. If you only recently started going, you didn't really get an accurate picture of the Pasadena market. I'd also note that there are a few vendors who are only seasonal. They'll show up in the spring and be done by October.

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            true. winter at pasadena FM is about a 1/3 less than it is the rest of the year. harry's berries (which i believe go to SM and HFM also) comes back sometime in spring and nothing better than those seascape and gaviota berries. there is Farm Fresh to You CSA delivery. i've never tried it but they have nice booth at the Thurs. markets in So. Pas.

          2. Try the Alhambra Farmer's Market.

            Every Saturday (incl. this one), at Bay St. and Monterey St. in what used to be the Mervyn's parking lot shopping center.

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              Thanks so much for the thoughts and suggestions!