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Nov 23, 2005 10:11 AM

Sausage Kitchen Weisswurst-- Great Rec

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Wow had some great Weisswurst last night courtesy of Sausage Kitchen. The owner recommended some Haidels (sp?) Sweet Bavarian Mustard, and some Berlin style sauerkraut. Washed it all down with some good beer and was happy as a clam. Bought some smoked Andouille for Thanksgiving, and I cant wait to try that. Any other great Weisswurst butcher shops in LA?? Thanks Burger Boy and SH for this rec.

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  1. Try Atlas Sausage in North Hollywood/Burbank or Continental Sausage on San Fernando Road in Glendal/Burbank.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      uh, didn't I go to their closing sale about 3 years ago and buy a year's supply of frozen deutchfleisch?

    2. You can probably find it at Schreiner's Meats, on the corner of Ocean View Blvd and Verdugo Rd in Glendale.

      Then go to Berolina Bakery next door and get rye bread for it :)

      1. I like the sausages made at Alpine Deli in Torrance (Alpine Village), particularly the weisswurst with parsley.

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          torta basilica

          Were they real Münchener Weißwurst? I have never found the real thing here in So Cal & am always stopped at customs trying to even bring the canned ones back. Would love to find the real thing here... with real Brötchen! All the butcher shops swear they're the same... but they're not. Love that Süsser Senf!!

          1. Not having seen the original post could you give me the address of this place? Thanks.