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Jan 7, 2011 06:42 AM

Mail-order barbecue?

Hi, i'm thinking of trying to mail-order some good ribs, pulled pork, or brisked for my hubby who's from the south. Does anyone have a recommendation for this? Or is it not worth the price, since NY has so many adequate barbecue restaurants these days.

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  1. Rudy's in Texas is exceptionally good brisket. They recently added mailorder shipping. ... and for a more more Rudy's temptation:

    1. Dreamland Bar-b-que has great mail order ribs:
      For $32 you get a large slab, a quart of sauce, loaf of Sunbeam bread and some wetnaps to clean yourself up.

        1. I like Fiorella's out of Kansas City. I get a little peeved that the packages have sauce, hats, or rubs included but recently they have added a design your own package. Shipping is very expensive and overall I almost don't think it is worth it - and then I eat some and I forgive them. The beans are first rate, as are the ribs. I don't think the prime rib bones are worth the premium.

          1. Coopers is by far the best Texas bbq that does shipping.