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Mail-order barbecue?

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Hi, i'm thinking of trying to mail-order some good ribs, pulled pork, or brisked for my hubby who's from the south. Does anyone have a recommendation for this? Or is it not worth the price, since NY has so many adequate barbecue restaurants these days.

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  1. Rudy's in Texas is exceptionally good brisket. They recently added mailorder shipping. http://www.rudys.com/ ... and for a more more Rudy's temptation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7HGJ-...

    1. Dreamland Bar-b-que has great mail order ribs:
      For $32 you get a large slab, a quart of sauce, loaf of Sunbeam bread and some wetnaps to clean yourself up.

        1. I like Fiorella's out of Kansas City. I get a little peeved that the packages have sauce, hats, or rubs included but recently they have added a design your own package. Shipping is very expensive and overall I almost don't think it is worth it - and then I eat some and I forgive them. The beans are first rate, as are the ribs. I don't think the prime rib bones are worth the premium.

          1. Coopers is by far the best Texas bbq that does shipping.


            1. My pick would be Snow's in Texas, some think they are the best in country.