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Jan 7, 2011 05:36 AM

Dinner near the River Rink?

Planning on taking my daughter to the River Rink this evening to skate. Would like to go to dinner pre-skating. Any kid/family friendly places near skating?

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  1. If it's early enough (6ish) Continental is very close and would be ok. Turns too much into a lounge later. Check the menu first to see if your kid will eat the food--there is no children's menu.

    A little further, DiNardo's Seafood at 4th & Race is family friendly but probably a bit too far to walk. The food is ok, don't order anything too ambitious.

    Whatever you do, you should consider Franklin Fountain for ice cream afterward.

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      +1 franklin fountain

      spasso italian grill is supposed to be good- never been myself. dinardo's was awful when i last went

      agree that continental is a good bet if it's early enough

    2. +2 Franklin Fountain
      Went to Spasso for a reception and it was pretty good food. Another option might be Society Hill Hotel Restaurant if you are on the early side. Burgers, salads, etc at 3rd and Chestnut