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Jan 6, 2011 06:24 AM

Five Guys vs. Fuddrucker's burgers (split from Ontario board)

5 guys became famous because Obama likes getting takeout from there. I got my first taste 2 weeks ago in BC. I found the menu disappointingly limited. Just burgers and fries. No onion rings, no gravy, no milkshakes. All burgers are double patties, although small patties. They weren't particularly flavourful and a bit dry. The only plus I found were toppings that normally would be extra at other places were included (grilled mushrooms, grilled onions).

If you go to Buffalo, Fuddruckers is a much more amazing burger. I find even South St a better burger than 5 guys.

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  1. Even though I've been to both, I won't make a head-to-head comparison of 5 Guys to Fuddruckers because of one major difference: 5 Guys cooks the burgers on a flat top, Fudd's over an open flame. That's apples and oranges; some prefer flat top, some prefer flame broiled.

    If you like to load your burger with a whole salad on top of the beef patty, sure, Fudd's wins hands down. But not everybody wants that either.

    I agree, when I'm in Buffalo I'll go to Fuddruckers if I feel like a burger, and guilty-as-charged for the "build your own salad on top" burger (but usually I'm going to Kentucky Greg's for BBQ, Anchor Bar for wings, or Pizza Junction for Buffalo-style pizza) but when I'm in the Detroit area it's gotta be 5 Guys for burgers. They've never failed to impress.

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    1. re: TexSquared

      I don't care about the salad bar toppings either. I'm talking strictly about the beef. The Fudd I had was really nice and beefy tasting, juices dripping all over my hand. I was so full after eating the burger I could only finish half of the onion rings. The 5 guys was dry and barely seasoned. Just plain griddle ground beef.

      1. re: sbug206

        The 5 Guys I've had were juicy and drippy, not dry. They're not the best burgers, but they're far from the worst and an improvement over Harveys.

        1. re: GoodGravy

          Harvey's is crap. They don't even belong in the same THREAD as 5 Guys or Fudd's.

          But again, Harvey's is flame broiled as is Fudd's and yes Fudd's demolishes them.

          (the following is more for sbug206)
          5 Guys is flat top. NOT flame broiled. If you want to compare them to someone head-to-head, you'd look at In-N-Out or Burger's Priest.

          5 Guys does a great flat-top burger, Fudd's does a great flame-broiled burger. I find both of them to be juicy and drippy, never dry.

        1. re: Dr Butcher

          Menu (and other websites) say they're grilled to order, not fried on a flat top:

          I'm certain the one in Buffalo grills the burgers over an open flame.

          1. re: Dr Butcher

            Yeah, the Fuddruckers burgers I've had were also were done on a flat top from what I seem to recall. Outside Buffalo and in Cleveland.

        2. I find 5 guys a bit overhyped. the burgers are ok but really only a small step up from other fast food burgers, and you can't get them cooked to order, which puts them completely out of the running for me, I want my burgers thick and medium rare, and Fud's cooks to order as well as offering a good thickness patty, so I will always pick Fud's over 5 guys if those are my only two choices.

          1. I believe that the Obamas eat at another burger place in D.C.--not Five Guys. I don't find their hamburgers very good. I found the fries not that great. I don't honestly know why anyone would choose the place. I do like Hardees low carb burger though. (If I wasn't eating low carb now, I'd eat it happily in a bun.) It is the best fast food burger I've ever had.

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            1. re: sueatmo

              Five Guys for fast food, Ray's Hellburger for a special treat (i.e. with Biden or with Medvedev).

            2. Fuddrucker's wins by default. When one place only cooks burgers well-done and the other cooks it to your order, it's no contest.