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Jan 6, 2011 10:07 PM

Turner Field

Any interesting places in the area? Will be staying for 10 nights at the Comfort Inn. Hoping someplace nearby is good for food and/or cocktails and/or beer...

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  1. I'm assuming you'll have a car because you'll need it.
    Check recent posts about downtown, midtown, etc.
    There are places in the "area" but not a place (as far as know) that you can walk to for a beer or whatever.
    Nick's Food to Go is very close as are places in Grant Park (but with a car).
    Check Six Feet Under, Ria's Bluebird.

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    1. re: rcburli

      Do have a car but was kind of hoping not to need it! Would very much prefer to hoof it! Is the place called the Bullpen any good?

      1. re: Clarkafella

        Don't know because I wouldn't go in there.
        I would imagine they have some business during the baseball season, but now...who knows?
        I could be wrong.

        1. re: Clarkafella

          Lord, no. What an awful area to stay in if you enjoy real food, as your asking Chowhounds indicates, and value your personal safety. I assume you are working a project at Turner, explaining your lodging. Don't walk anywhere, especially after dark. I'm not kidding, that's dangerous outside of going to a baseball game. Drive to Six Feet Under and Ria's out Memorial/Boulevard area; drive to Thumb's Up on Edgewood for breakfast; drive to Fox Bros. on Dekalb Ave. for bbq; more upscale, maybe drive to Social or F.A.B. downtown for bistro type fare, or drive to Rathbun's, Rathbun's Steak, Fritti Fritti/Sotto Sotto and Wysteria on Highland. I think they are off their Monday night bbq menu [excellent], but p'cheen, a pub on N.Highland, is good for a beer and pub food. Those should get you started, do a forum search for these names. Don't go to the bullpen and don't walk around; you aren't in Wrigleyville, buddy!

          Rathbun's Restaurant
          112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

          Rathbun's Steak
          154 Krog St NE Ste 200, Atlanta, GA 30307

          309 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307

          Six Feet Under
          437 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

          1. re: RxDiesel

            Actually, we will be working downtown at the gift mart. I did the Hotwire thing for the room- this is supposed to be "downtown". I'm thinking we were robbed...

            I don't mind venturing into areas that aren't really deemed as safe for food if it is good, but I can't seem to find *anything* in this area!

            1. re: Clarkafella

              +1 on the dangerous area--you were robbed, this is nowhere near Mid town.Id change even if it meant a fee because you will not enjoy your stay at all in that area, if you live thru it

              1. re: bobstripower

                We have stayed at the nearby Holiday Inn Select before with no problems- is this place in a different neighborhood? I thought that they were pretty close together. In fact, my plan B was to go to the Lounge at the Holiday Inn for food and libation- beer is cold and the chicken wings are good...

            2. re: RxDiesel

              does anyone know if p'cheen is back on the monday bbq thing? Seems like the season. Last time I went in February it was a no go though. I live far away but fly into atlanta next monday and I need me some of that bbq

        2. I think that both the Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn Select are in terrible areas, and while technically downtown, you won't be "hoofing" it anywhere if you value your life. I'm guessing you had expected to be with the other main hotels around Peachtree St where you could walk safely around to restaurants, shops, etc. Guess you get what you pay for. And Rx Diesel's restaurant recos are spot on--they are great choices. For something less expensive, I really enjoy Fritti for pizza/wine/salad--get reservations as it's popular, but the chef is from Naples and it's a beautiful atmosphere. Check out the neat Savvi market next door before/or after, and walk around to see a nice in-town neighborhood.

          Peachtree Cafe
          99 Jeff Davis Rd, Thomaston, GA 30286

          309 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307

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          1. re: ebennettatl

            I've been doing the Priceline/Hotwire thing for ten years now- it used to be that "downtown" meant just the places that were really downtown. To me, Turner Field doesn't even seem remotely close!

            But you roll the dice and take your chances...

            I do know from experience that the lounge at the Holiday Inn is nice enough- and does *not* have any "danger" vibe to it. So we can eat there most every night if need be. And I will check out at least some of the other places on nights where we feel like driving.

            I was just hoping there might be a hole in the wall rib place, fish place or tamale stand nearby where we could just grab something to go.From what I'm reading, it sure doesn't look like it!

            1. re: Clarkafella

              if the Bullpen is open next to the Ball park its a good ribs place---but again,its a dangerous walk--can you bring a gun??

              1. re: bobstripower

                Actually we are at the hotel tonight- drove to the Holiday Inn for some finger food and beer, and came back here when the snow started. This probably isn't the best area that I have ever stayed but it doesn't seem that bad...

                I'm sure we will be checking out the Bullpen in the next day or two...

                1. re: Clarkafella

                  Would be curious to hear about the Bullpen. Please report.

                  1. re: rcburli

                    Well, we did go there tonight. While I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to eat there, the food was at least passable.

                    They were out of ribs, and since many of the menu items were a combination of ribs and other things, that was a pretty big disappointment. I ended up going with the brisket and combined it with the pulled pork. The brisket was ok- it was kind of tough, but it had been sliced so thin that it didn't really matter all that much. The pulled pork wasn't pulled pork as I know it- just some shredded pork swimming in a sweet BBQ sauce. It might have come from a can, but I thought that the sauce at least tasted pretty good.

                    For sides I had collards (not very hot, I think from a can) and macaroni and cheese- standard issue, which is pretty good with me!