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Jan 6, 2011 09:45 PM

harissa paste

Anyone got an idea where I can buy harissa paste which is used in Moroccan recipes? I live in Los Feliz but will travel ;)

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  1. I purchased some at Williams Sonoma ... you might want to call before you make the trip though ... Not sure if Surfas is still in Culver City (I left the state two years ago) but pretty sure they would have it if they are still around.

    1. Spice Station in Silverlake.

      1. This subject comes up from time to time. Here is an earlier post:

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          Personally, I like the one imported from France that comes in a can, also available in a tube. Here is a picture of both:

          Does anyone know where one can buy a can of this wonderful stuff in the L.A. Uber-opolis ?

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            That's the DEA, which is okay, but I much prefer Le Cabanon. It's more coarsely ground and I think has a richer flavor. I bought a tube at a pricey fancy-food store up in Berkeley, but my friend there says they now have only DEA. So I found a seller on Amazon for Le Cabanon; while shipping on a single tube was ridiculous, I got a case (it does keep, you know!) for what worked out to $2+ per tube.

            1. re: Will Owen

              I am in complete agreement with you: Surfas carried only Le Cabanon, then only carried DEA, and now it carries both (or possibly just Le Cabanon).

              Le Cabanon has a brighter color, and I agree about the richer flavor. Surfas sells it for something under $3, I think.

              And La Dijonaise down the street from Surfas has merguez sausage and fries, and they'll provide Le Cabanon harissa if you ask. It's a delicious meal.

              La Dijonaise Cafe
              8703 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

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                If it's under $3 that IS a good deal - at the Pasta Shop in Berserkeley it was $4.50, and when they switched to DEA I'm told that was more like $6!

                I'd forgotten about La Dijonnaise and their merguez - my merguez-loving brother- and sister-in-law got that on our family visit some years ago and pronounced it among their best. Now I'm even more impatient for that damn train to get there … !

          1. I bought a tube at Bristol Farms.

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              So did I (Westwood Blvd. & Ohio Location); however, 2 weeks ago their manager said they stopped carrying it = typical.