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Jan 6, 2011 07:22 PM

Where to eat if visiting for 2 days

Hi all,

I will be in dc for a business trip in a few weeks. I have time for two dinners, budget of about $50 including wine but will go over for something phenomenal. We are staying at Hilton Capitol hill, so hoping to find somewhere in walking distance. Any recs? Thanks in advance.

If it helps, we love all food. I have eaten around the world and favourite spots are the less trendy in your face spots with truly delicious, special food.

Ps... We are indeed in dc for the special dining week but unsure where to go and whether we can get a reservation.

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  1. Despite what you'll find on the internet, I think there is no such hotel as "Hilton Capitol Hill." It is either the Capital Hilton or the Hilton Garden Inn/US Capitol, neither of which is all that near to Capitol Hill or the US Capitol.

    What is the address?

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      Is he staying at the hotel nearish union station?