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Jan 6, 2011 06:56 PM

London area resto for hockey team

Hi everyone,

long time & appreciative lurker, first time poster.

My son's hockey team is going to London for a tourney. The team normally takes everyone (kids) out for dinner one of the nights. Parents pay their own way.

Any suggestions that don't break with decent atmosphere and food.
Not everyone comes but we could have up to 60 people.


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  1. Do you know where the tourney is taking place in London? It takes 30 minutes to cross the city, and it doesn't really make sense to drive 30 m out of the way for an affordable meal at a restaurant that can seat 60. Not too many non-chain restaurants in London can handle 60 customers easily, and many restaurants don't even have 60 seats.

    The main restaurants that can handle groups like this are going to be places like the Keg (which has a south London location near the 401, as well as a smaller downtown location on Richmond St near the tracks, which probably can't handle 60) or chains like Jack Astor's (which has a North and South London location- I'm not recommending JA for its food, just its capacity). There's also a Mandarin in South London (again, mentioning this because of its capacity, not its food).

    Some of the hotel restaurants in the south end, such as Tuscany's, Smoke n Bones (formerly Timber's Chop House) or Shelly's might be able to handle a large group. I haven't dined at any of them.

    There are a several family restaurants around London that might be able to handle a group of 60. The Four Seasons in the north end, the Seven Dwarfs in the south end (not sure if it's open right now, has had some ownership changes/openings/closings over the last few years and I haven't been to the current incarnation). The Mykonos is a Greek resto on Adelaide that might be able to handle 60 in the heated patio/back room.

    Definitely call the restaurants you're most interested in, and make at least at tentative reservation, because most restaurant kitchens in London aren't used to handling groups of 60 on short notice ;-


    Mykonos Restaurant
    572 Adelaide St N, London, ON N6B3J5, CA

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      Thanks for the reply, phoenikia.

      We are actually staying at Four Points Sheraton by Whits Oaks mall on Wellington. I've been to Timber's before, don't know if I want to bring all the boys and their siblings there. I never thought of Jack Astors or Manadarin. Might just be quick and easy. We will have a vote and majority will rule.

      Thanks again.

      1. re: levendis

        You're welcome, levendis.

        I would think the new Smoke n Bones in the Four Points Sheraton might be more casual and somewhat less expensive than Timbers had been.

        Another south London option at a similar pricepoint to Jack Astor's is the Moxie's at 977 Wellington Road South.

        Jack Astor's
        1090 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C3R6, CA