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Jan 6, 2011 04:06 PM

Cambridge Formaggio Wine

I bought four bottles of wine recently (12/28) from Formaggio in Cambridge:

- 2005 Pierre Frick Gewurztraminer
- 2008 Bucci Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi
- 2009 Chavignol Sancerre
- 2009 Riva Moretta Prosecco

Opened the first two tonight, and both were cooked. (Stewed with no fruit and harsh alcohol, not corked) Has anyone else had this sort of problem buying wines from there before?

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  1. I regularly buy wine from them and have never had a problem. Can't say I have ever bought those bottles, though.

    A lot of their wines are rather austere and mineral heavy, particularly compared to the New World offerings available everywhere else, but cooked or oxidized wine is something I have not experienced from FK.

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      Well there's a very clear difference between mineral flavors and cooked flavors. These two were off.

    2. Recork and return. It happens. They're reputable enough to give a refund.
      Too Bad,

      1. hard to believe that a 2008 would have time to cook; formaggio, i would guess, would get wines that are recently released. are you sure that they are just not bad wines? have you had good bottles of these wines?

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          Cooked wines don't have to be that old. It's usually a result of improper storage. I was surprised to see that all of their wines are standing up. They're also next to a big glass window and near the door.

        2. I occasionally buy wines at South End Formaggio (in a pinch -- their markup is pretty steep), but I suspect the turnover is brisk enough to account for the fact that I've never run into spoilage issues. I agree: bring 'em back. Their distributor usually eats the cost, anyway.

          South End Formaggio
          268 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

          1. Michael,

            I was just about to email you. Storage shouldn't have been an issue. The Bucci should have been fine - you may have gotten an off bottle. The Frick is definitely an annomolous bottling - I had another bottle brought back. It's earthy and funky at this stage (it has some bottle age and it was a vintage with some rot - giving way to an increased gamut of flavors. I found elderflower, spice and lychee with notes of mushroom...This wine is biodynamic and definitely not characteristic of many gewurz on the market.)

            I'll see to it that we send you a gift card (that can be used online because I understand you don't live in the area) as a refund. Sorry about this.

            Gemma Iannoni
            Wine Buyer
            Formaggio Kitchen

            Formaggio Kitchen
            244 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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              Ahhh, it is the Lychee and Mushrooms!...They will get you everytime

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                Just want to say you guys are very helpful and I appreciate the kind of business you run. Thanks.