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Jan 6, 2011 03:54 PM

Dinner in Altoona

Have to make a last minute biz trip Altoona next Wednesday with my boss and two other suits. Help!

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  1. Jethro's is a great local spot. There is a new place in front of the Holiday Inn express called Raphael's that is a little more upscale-haven't been there yet.
    Finelli's is a red sauce Italian place that is decent.

    RR 220, Altoona, PA 16601

    1. I haven't eaten at Raphael's yet, but The Altoona Hotel is really the only decent meal I have had in Altoona in years, it is a restaurant despite the name, not a place of lodging. Quite upscale, creative and tasty food for Blair County.

      Finelli's is quite old fashioned and merely decent, but better than the chains that this area favors.

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        never thought of altoona as having anything worthwhile to eat at but after looking at the menu of the altoona hotel i am drawn to that place. Is it that good?
        Probably will stay in altoona when going to psu football since getting a hotel in state college is almost impossible on game weekends

      2. If you, your boss and the suits are willing to drive 20 minutes for your dinner I would recommend Burley's in Tyrone. It's a pretty straight forward restaurant but much better than most anything else I have had in Central PA.

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          I love The Altoona Hotel, and Burley's. The best two places in Altoona.

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            I have just heard, this morning actually, that Burley's has closed. I guess the restaurant has been quietly for sale for 3 years and the decision to close was last minute. I find it a little odd myself but hopefully the space gets filled with a restaurant just as good.

          2. re: GardeManger

            "much better than most anything else I have had in Central PA."

            Have you been to Williamsport, Muncy, or State College??? There's plenty of good food in Central PA, it just isn't in Altoona.

          3. Al's Tavern looks good. Any other ideas for breakfast and lunch? I will be there in 2 weeks for the PSU/Nebraska game. Arriving Friday and leaving Sunday.


            Al's Tavern
            2831 8th Ave, Altoona, PA 16602