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Naga Peppers

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Does anyone know where u can get them?

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  1. The Naga Viper was bread by a guy in the UK and he sells them on his website.


    Be careful they are a Weapon of Mouth Destruction.

    1. Been looking for fresh (NOT dried) ones for 2 years now. never found any.

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        I have a ton frozen from this year's crop, if you want a few... I found drying them made them much more tolerable heat wise, so I made sure to freeze them to maintain the awesome power.

      2. I've seen the dried ones at Perola's with a warning sign on them!

        247 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

        1. Naga is no longer the notness champ. Australian Butch T. beats it out...


          1. A little off subject, but if you want fresh hot peppers, try growing Tepins. Great flavour and wicked hot. Perola in Kensington sells them dried (which are also good). Use some seeds to get a potted plant growing (and now is the time to start). I've had one going for five years and the plant is yielding tons of those little firecrackers.