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Jan 6, 2011 01:55 PM

White Truffle Butter

Hi, I got a question about White truffle butter. There are some receipt that I want to made that ask for the truffle butter, and they are known to be hard to find and expensive. Some people suggest melting butter in low heat and then adding 2 table spoon of white truffle oil into it to get a similiar result, is this true?

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  1. Truffle oil is an abomination, or so I've heard, and having some (expensive and from a good source) that was given to me by a favorite niece I am forced to agree. There are now probably a million people in this world who think that truffles smell like burning rubber because truffle oil is all they know.

    A friend tells me that he got some truffle butter at Costco and it's divine. Not cheap, but cheaper than the elderly and long-travelled truffles sitting nearby.

    Don't know how much or little good any of this will do you, but if truffle oil were my only option I'd just make something else.

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