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Jan 6, 2011 01:35 PM

Alex (The Wynn) is closing on 1/15/11

I am really depressed. I just called The Wynn to ask when they would be accepting dinner reservations for Alex, and the reservationist told me that Alex is closing on the 15th of this month (next weekend). For those of you who may have read my previous LV posts, Alex has long (for the past 3 years) been my favorite LV restaurant. Yes, I know there are other wonderful restaurants (and I already have dinner resys set for Joel Robuchon, CUT and Sage), but I was saving my last night in LV for Alex. So sad. For those of you who are in LV in the next week, don't miss dinner at Alex; it's truly a wonderful restaurant.

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  1. We are hearing that the space is being turned into a "Special Events Center", which makes us want to shed a tear. Such a great restaurant and setting. Reportedly "Stratta" will remain open, so maybe we can hope for a tweaking of that concept a bit. But there was a world of difference between what came from that kitchen, and what came from Alex. We hope that the latter has not been lost.

    1. Apparently Alex is closing because “high-end French dining is not what people want these days.”

      Sad to hear about this as I was hoping to visit in April.

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      1. re: namor

        First Bar Charlie, now Alex. Perhaps "foodies" don't want it, but the gourmand sect sure seems to love it still. :-(

        Too bad.

        1. re: uhockey

          I really liked Bar Charlie, but unfortunately the night I had dinner there, I was one of two guests the entire meal. Charlie Trotter is still planning a new restaurant in NYC. I'm looking forward to it since I enjoyed both Bar Charlie and his restaurant in Chicago.

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            What's the distinction between "foodie" and "gourmand"? I wonder what I am?

            Boy is this bad news! Like ellenost, Alex has been my go-to special occasion restaurant. We celebrated our first pregnancy there. I became vegan last year and was really looking forward to his take on Vegan Cuisine.

            What saddens me most is that Alex is the proud king of the Wynn/Encore's unmatched lineup of fine dining venues. It is also a "Vegas" fine dining experience and one of the few "local" chefs to compete with the big-name French chef outlets.

            I wonder what really motivated this surprising decision. Alex was always busy on all three weeknights that I dined there.

            1. re: climberdoc

              "foodie" = person who fancies celebrity chefs, taco trucks, perhaps also some fine dining.

              "gourmand" = persons who know their way around a kitchen and can/do cook for themselves, care about the quality of ingredients, prefer their meals to be experiences.

              Obviously there are grey zones. :-)


              1. re: climberdoc

                It's an irregular conjugation.
                First person: Gourmand
                Second person: Foodie
                Third person: Has both feet in the trough.

                1. re: climberdoc

                  I think the Wikipedia entry on "gourmand" is excellent and reflects the way I would use the term:

                  As JK indicates, "foodie" tends to be a pejorative term among many here. I dislike the word primarily because it sounds so ugly. The founder of Chowhound, Jim Leff, associates "foodies" with trend followers, who are usually not intrepid enough to discover things on their own. I tend to think of them as hobbyists who are interested in many aspects of the food world, but do, as Jim indicates, tend to be inordinately preoccupied with what is new or "hot."

                  I remember in high school, we we were taught the distinction between "gourmet" and "gourmand" and the former was associated with discernment and the latter with gluttony. I hate the term "gourmet" even more than "foodie." It theoretically refers to someone with higher power of discernment, but in practice seems to refer to someone who likes "fine dining."

                  Has anyone ever encountered someone who refers to himself or herself as a "gourmet"?

              2. re: namor

                Funny, I ate there (very good) - and thought it was high-end Italian.

              3. Very sad to hear this.. Never good when one of the best restaurants in the country has to close it's doors.. Alex will be missed..

                1. Wow that is really too bad. I didn't have a chance to eat there when I was in LV last year but was planning on it for my next visit.

                  So in the last 12 months, Wing Lei loses its head chef, Daniel Boulud closes, and now Alex too. It is too bad that the Wynn hotels, which in my opinion are the nicest on the strip, lag so far behind the other luxury hotels for dining.

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                  1. re: nextguy

                    I don't understand all the complexities, but some hotels own their restaurants (like Wynn) and others like The Venetian just lease out space. That might have something to do with it.

                    1. re: nextguy

                      Yep, it's tragic to see Wynn's culinary reputation collapse in this last year & a half. It was sad enough that Encore's restaurant lineup wasn't too exciting (save Sinatra & Society IMHO), then Wynn lost Daniel Boulud really hit me hard (it was my fave brasserie at the time), and now Alex will be shuttered. Wynncore really is losing its culinary street cred.

                    2. That's too bad. I was looking forward to eating there.

                      Sage it is, I guess!

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                      1. re: nuclearali

                        We went to eat at Fleur di lis and it was closed down and turned into
                        a small plates foo-foo joint. We were really looking forward to eating there.
                        We then went to RM Seafood and was sorely disappointed.

                        1. re: Johnny West

                          Not sure about the "foo foo" part - it was actually quite good.


                          1. re: Johnny West

                            I dined at Fleur de Lys last year (review someplace on here). The best part of the meal was actually the smaller plates. I'm pumped about the change; I think it'll be for the better.

                              1. re: Johnny West

                                What's a "regular" meal, though? ;)

                                You should try it out sometime, especially if they have the creamy onion soup still. Best. Thing. Ever.