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Jan 6, 2011 01:31 PM

Where's the flavour??

Has anyone ever had a spell when everything you made just didn't taste like it used to? I'm not sure what is going on, but I don't like it!
I'm seasoning much like I always have, but I'm not a measurement guy, so there is always some variance. I really don't think I'm under seasoning....
Everything is just tasting muddy to me, if that makes sense. Are my taste buds burnt out or something???
Please tell me it's just old spices!

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  1. Old spices. Oncoming virus. Jaded palate after the excesses of the festve season.

    Decide on a favourite "tasty" dish. Buy all new ingredients. Cook with love. Eat. Enjoy.

    Better now?

    1. Have you burned your tongue on some too-hot food lately? I find that sometimes flavors get more muted when this happens to me...

      But if you haven't used the spices in a long time, then yeah, it's most likely the spices!

      1. A new medicine can do this sometimes.

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          I hate to sound too much like Bobby flay, but I love big, bold flavours, so we (my wife and I) use them all the time! A bad batch perhaps? A couple of my chilies are newer, and it started not too long ago. Hmmm

        2. Maybe too much of the same old same old. Perhaps you need to step out in a different direction for a while. If I make anything too often it begins to lose it's edge. if I leave it for a while it always tastes better.


          1. When I took Lipitor food tasted different. The things I made regularly did not taste the same. I couldn't pin down anything but when I stopped taking Lipitor, things tasted OK again. To me things tasted off or muted.