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Jan 6, 2011 01:24 PM

KCMO: Beer, Mexican, Vegetarian Friendly, Quiet, BBQ, arts district?


My husband and I are rendezvousing with my sister and mother at the grandparent;s in KCMO. We visited last year and had a fantastic time trying OK Joes BBQ, Taqueria Camecuaro. We are looking for several things...

1. Good craft beers? A place that has a variety of interesting beers. Ideally not too yuppy of a crowd.

2. Mexican food: following the advice of _eat_shop_kansas_city_ we tried Taqueria Camecuaro and had great tacos. We live in London, a nearly entirely taco free zone, so this was a godsend. Where else would you recommend? Perhaps a place with more vegetarian options.

3. Quiet: a nice quiet place to take the older generations for lunch. My grandmother adores Andre s but it would be nice to have a few other suggestions.

4. BBQ: our trip to OK Joes last year was sublime. My husband who is vegetarian and unfamiliar with American measurements ordered a 'medium' side of beans. Unfortunately, this was a quart of beans and they had bacon. He politely spent the rest of the week eating around the bacon. Are there any BBQ joints that have top drawer meat and also less meat in their sides?

5. Arts District: We plan on returning to that nice letterset press in the arts district. If we were to combine that with a nice snack/light meal/much needed drink where would you suggest?


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  1. 1. Craft beers. Drive 40 minutes West to Lawrence and Free State Brewery. Great beer, good food. Lots of fun.

    2. Mexican Food. El Camino Real in downtown KCK. Hole in the wall with great tacos. Really cheap.

    3. Quiet. Tatsu's in Prairie Village. French food and the dining room is great for grandmothers.

    4 BBQ. LC's. Burnt Ends.

    Can't help you with arts stuff. Sorry.

    ETA, LC's does have meat in their beans. About the only thing vegetarian there is the fried stuff, like fries, onion rings, and mushrooms. Their cole slaw might be vegetarian as well :).

    1. Here are some suggestions in the Crossroads (arts district)
      Grunauer, I love this Austrian place, nice bar:
      Fud, vegan restaurant, no alcohol though:
      Extra Virgin, tapas, very close to Hammerpress:
      La Bodega, tapas, great happy hour daily 4-6, Sat. 2-4:

      Also for quiet lunch I recommend Webster House downtown. They have a nice antique store downstairs.

      La Bodega
      703 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108

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        I second Webster House for your grandmother, My mom and wife loves the place, not only the food, but the shopping also.

        Webster House
        1644 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64108

      2. relizabeth, I remember your post from last year. I have been staying close to home since then but I have found a place that I believe that you would really enjoy. El Pollo Rey is on the southwest corner of 11th and Kansas avenue in KCK across the street from Firestone. When you see and smell the smoke pouring out of the side of the building, that's the place. Walk inside and you could be in any number of places in the interior of Mexico, a few tables on the right and order on the left Behind the order counter one can see chicken being cooked over an open fire. For 6.50 you get half of marinated grilled chicken, tortillas, beans, rice, pickled red onions, and salsa. Tear some chicken off the bone and put it on one of the tortillias, top it with pickled onions and and salsa and dig in, have beans and rice on the side. Excellent. Can you tell that I am hungry?

        1. A recommendation that is not directly food related. Go to La Mesa on Southwest Boulevard about the 2800 block, close to Ponak's. They are an importer of any number of things from Mexico, and to keep it food related, you can probably pick up a torillia press or a comal. I can guarantee that you can find items that 99.9% of Londoners have never seen and on top of that the owner is a super person.

          La Mesa
          3036 S Expressway St, Council Bluffs, IA 51501

          1. For a good selection of American and international craft beers - matched thoughtfully with well-prepared food, I recommend the recently opened Beer Kitchen, right in the heart of Westport. The Mac and Cheese is outstanding!

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              agree with Beer Kitchen in Westport. Had brunch there on Sunday - very yummy. Great Moscow Mule (serve in copper mug and all!). The fries were quite good - as were the mini donuts. (it was KINDOF brunch...)

              1. re: stellamystar

                It was over a week ago, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. One night we escaped to the Beer Kitchen and really enjoyed their beers and their fries. The bbq at OK Joes was sublime. I had the pulled pork sandwich and wish I had more in the near future.

                We had a rather disappointing lunch at Grunauer. My grandmother is Austrian and my husband is German, so some of the complaints were about authenticity and others were general. The pepper soup was served luke warm as was the noodle hash. I thought my sister's goulash soup starter was spiced oddly. It was almost as though they had used chili seasoning instead of paprika. I had the lentils with bacon, very yummy. The salad trio was ok, but everybody was confused by mayo on the potato salad, as that was more Northern German in style, where we were assuming it would be vinegar based. My husband's fish sandwich was yummy. My spaetzle were not warm enough and did not taste freshly made.

                1. re: relizabeth

                  agree on Grunauer. Wanted it to be so tasty, but was kind of "eh." OUr service was very curt/rushed/ignored..... Maybe I'll go back but just to the bar or patio!