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Jan 6, 2011 12:44 PM

Comments on self-guided Gluten-free walking tour of LWE?

We have done the LES self-guided tour in previous years, but, now I have to avoid gluten and corn, and hubbie has to avoid milk products. Based upon previous postings on stuff to take home etc, what do you think of the following for a Sunday morning breakfast/brunch (hubbie is thinking this would be more fun than a formal sit down brunch) and shopping to take home on the train?

Babycakes--248 Broome St, New York‎ (if good--plan to really load up for home)
Pickle Guys--49 Essex St (half sours for hubbie)
Essex Street Market--120 Essex St (not sure whether worthwhile on a sunday)
Economy Candy--108 Rivington St (pistachios, fun candy etc.)
Katz’s--205 E Houston St (pastrami for hubbie)
Russ and Daughters--179 E Houston St (bagels and lox for hubbie)
Di Palo--200 Grand St (shopping to take home)
Rice to Riches--37 Spring St (rice pudding for me)

Any other suggestions? Is there somewhere I can get an eggy dish to go along with the sweets from babycakes?

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  1. I really like the look of this list. I'm GF as well, and most of these places would be on my list. I may actually borrow this - the boyfriend and I were talking about doing a LES food tour, and I like the idea of a GF list!

    1. I'm not sure what you would buy at Essex St Market if you are avoiding gluten, corn, and dairy. I like Roni Sue's chocolates, the cheese vendors, and the baguette vendor, though.

      I've never been impressed with Rice to Riches, unfortunately.

      Rice to Riches
      37 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

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        I get to eat dairy, and hubbie gets to eat wheat. There is a lot in between that we can share. Have to say that a place that only sells rice pudding intrigues me. My absolute favorite rice pudding was served warm with nuts and caramel sauce on the side in Paris. Do you have another place that you prefer for rice pudding?

      2. I tried several of the rice puddings at this shop dedicated to rice pudding. The caramel with salted nut topping seemed to me the best combination of the bunch. Unfortunately, it definitely did not meet my memories of warm rice pudding with caramel sauce from Paris. Many are a weird color, and all are served cold and are very thick (word gloppy comes to mind). Hint: let the pudding warm up to room temperature--it really improves the flavor. Would I return? If desperate for rice pudding then maybe, but, there has to be better rice pudding in the city.

        Rice to Riches
        37 Spring St, New York, NY 10012