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Jan 6, 2011 11:58 AM

Desperate for a good donut in Providence, RI area

I'm craving the old school Krispy Kreme classic donuts -- closest is in CT, and I've heard the brand has gone downhill since expanding.

If I were in Austin I'd go to one of those airstream spots where they make them on the spot.

WHERE can I get a fresh one here? And not one with chemical aftertaste, which Dunkin and many others seem to have!

Krispy Kreme
1440 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

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  1. Mohegan Sun has a Krispy Kreme..... I havent found anything closer. My favorite donuts in the area are Allies in Norh Kingstown

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    1. re: joe777cool

      Allies are awesome, state of the art, classic donuts. But they're not Krispy Kreme-type, if that's what you have in mind. But they make them there, and they're great.

      1. re: winedude

        yes I agree, they ARE awesome! I dont care how old you are the ones with the white frosting and sprinkles are great!

        1. re: joe777cool

          When I made a rare visit to Allies last summer I planned to get four donuts but the girl said, "For ten cents more you can get six!" Ok, twist my arm....

          1. re: Bob W

            when I was in high school, the bus used to go by Allie's every day, and every day we would beg the bus driver Ralph, to stop. once or twice a year he would stop, we would load up - each of us getting a dozen or so donuts, quart of milk, and we would pig out on the rest of the bus ride. Can you imagine a bus driver stopping now ? Talk about lawsuits.

    2. Not KK type, but the best donuts in RI are at Silver Star Bakery on Ives St. Get there early.

      Allies are better than any of the chains around here, but they are not awesome.

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      1. re: atheorist

        Hum, I've never tried Silver Star for donuts. I'll have to do so...

        I agree that Allies is better than chain donuts, but certainly not noteworthy in any other way (except maybe historically)

        1. re: atheorist

          Until you've had a doughnut cake from Allies, judgement should be reserved.

        2. I just found Donut Bazaar on Reservoir Ave in Cranston, RI... this place is AMAZING! I waked in to what looked like an old-fashioned cafe/diner and met the owner of the place who's been running it forever. He very proudly said, "this is my donut shop and i make all the donuts!" They were soo delicious and very inexpensive. This place is the real deal! There is a full view of the donut kitchen behind a wall of windows right next to the counter. You HAVE to check it out! Donut Bazar
          823 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910-4443
          (401) 942-9899 ‎

          1. I find it odd that you are looking for a good donut while mentioning Krispy Kreme. I find them much like dipping Wonder bread into a bowl of sugar. Nevertheless, I fully admit that DD hasn't made a decent donut in some 20+ years.

            However, if you want an excellent (my gold standard) donut, Allie's in North Kingstown is a place not to be missed. On the other hand, they will have no resemblance to a KK and don't expect them to be fresh beyond the first day (not loaded with mono and diglycerides, etc that keep factory donuts soft for days / weeks).

            My personal favorites are their cinnamon old fashion & lemon filled, sugar coated cake donuts. Then again, I don't recall ever having an Allie's donut I didn't like (except perhaps on the second day).

            Krispy Kreme
            1440 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

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            1. re: Clams047

              There's actually a small market on Ives St in Providence that proudly says they sell Allie's donuts, but the one time I had them they must have been day-old, as they weren't very good, which was a big bummer. Oh, to have an Allie's supply in PVD!

              1. re: winedude

                Can someone tell me the Allie's appeal? A place I formerly worked used to have them delivered all the time and I found them dry, basic, and on the mild side for flavors. Is it nostalgia for folks here?

                1. re: Garris

                  nope, they are great. I grew up on them but eating them today, with an objective chowhound eye, they are still very good IMO.

                  Then again there arent many alternatives in RI.....

                  1. re: joe777cool

                    I did not grow up on them, had one for the first time in my 40's. I'm also not a big donut fan, and almost never eat them.

                    But I stopped into the original Allie's, and had them fresh, and they were really good, tasting like the donuts of my youth (a good thing).

                    BTW, I've recently had the pleasure of getting some of the trendy, expensive donuts from The Donut Plant, on the lower East side of New York. THEY are amazing, worth the $2.50 a piece. But that's a whole 'nother thing.