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Jan 6, 2011 11:48 AM

Motherhome Myanmar Cuisine?

I'm going tonight. Anyone been? Reccomendations?
1194 Bloor St West

Naomi Duguid kinda reviewed it in a blog post ( and there's a review of the tempura and smoothies (?) on Urbanspoon.... Is this the only Burmese restaurant in Toronto?

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  1. please be sure to post a review. i've been wanting to try it as well!

    1. Is this the same place that used to be open in a food court type setting for lunch and early dinner further downtown? Always wanted to try it but the hours and location were never convenient.

      1. I went in the summer and didn't really like any of the dishes we ordered. Only one was palatable. If I had a copy of the menu, I could help with recommendations but to be honest, the only good thing was that the bill was low. The food reflected the low prices, and I would not recommend going.

        How did you like it?

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          I feel bad taking so long to reply to my initial post. We did end up going, as Duguid stated the real goods here are the salads, both the tea leaf and the ginger salad were fantastic, we pop by every once in a while to pick up some salads to go. My BF is addicted to the tea leaf salad and I have to get two whenever I pick up takeout. Both are full of fried lentils and nuts and lots of textural interest, and they come with very thinly sliced green chilies on the side which you should mix in with abandon!!

          The "tempura" we had (I think it was called "golden fingers" on the menu) was some squash or gourd and was delicious, very crispy and not oily, they also had an onion bhajia type fritter but didn't try those. The dipping sauce that came with the tempura was based on pickled chilies and was super... more on these chilies below.

          The curries unfortunately were not very remarkable, kinda home cooked generic and not that exciting, but they wern't bad. The Oo No Kau Swe (not how they spell it) was very simple split pea broth over noodles, some chopped onion, hard boiled egg, lemon, and chilie powder to garnish. I found it bland but my brother really liked it. The rice that we had with the meal was really tasty, a little oily but still sticky, really tasty.

          So, on our way out we spotted (a) a steam table with a whole lot of curries that wern't available on the menu (goat vindaloo??) (b) a whole lots of home made sauces and pastes and desserts for take out. They had the pickled chilie sauce, ngapi (sp?) or Burmese fermented shrimp paste, blachan (sp?) a fried garnish of shallots, garlic, chilies, dried shrimp, and in this case fried bits of dried fish. I got one of each and have them in my fridge, break them out when I feel like my meal needs some funk. The desserts (we tried a coconut milk agar jelly thing and an egg pudding thing) were, um, interesting. I don't genereally like agar as a texture, I find it grainy, and the egg pudding was kind of like fluffy sweet omlette.

          Next time around we got take out from the steam table. While the steam table dishes were definitely more interesting and more spicy than the a la carte curries there were no revelations. If I remember we had a vindaloo, and a chilie chicken, and one other curry. All tasty but just a touch too similar for my liking, maybe we ordered poorly.

          Overall, go for the salads, the incredibly cheap pricing, and the fact that the staff is very very earnest and cares greatly about giving you great service and is very friendly and sweet. Reminded me of how lovely and gentle the Burmese can be. Plus they have really vibrantly coloured walls, purple and yellow, which I think is great, and the bathroom and kitchen are squeaky clean.

          I forget how cheap the lunch and dinner specials from the steam table are but they're insanely cheap. The multi-story used clothing and bric a brac shop across the street is worth a visit too if you have time to kill and dig such things.

        2. We have just returned from a trip to San Francisco where we tried Burmese for the first time. We liked it so much we had it a second time right before heading to the airport for the trip home. Is MMC still open? Has anyone been there lately? We are hoping to find a place in Toronto to go for tea leaf salad. Did they also have Balada (flatbread) with curry dipping sauce? Are there any other Burmese restaurants in the Toronto area?

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            It's still open, but they no longer have a website. Here is the address and number: 1194 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M6H 1N2
            (416) 792-2593

          2. Their old website does not work but just so everyone is aware if you go to it you will get a computer virus. Both my husband and I got viruses on our computers from trying to go to their website.