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Jan 6, 2011 10:51 AM

Nicli Antica Pizza

Any word on Nicli Antica? Has it opened yet? I'm dying to see if it's going to add anything fantastic to Vancouver's pathetic pizza scene.

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  1. No sign they are opening just yet. Here's their website where they give updates (although the last one was in December):

    1. Final inspection Jan. 8 I heard. So hopefully soon they will open! I'm dying to see what this place can put out as well. He said to bank on a December opening...but December is a tough month to get much done. Here's hoping for January! Crazy to think that this place was first slated to open in July 2010...

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        All the best to him. I'm not liking the beginning of this story...opening six months later than planned. Where have I heard this before?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. We ate there last night and it was a wait for a table but once we placed our order we had our pizza in less than 5 the space and friendly was delicious (I had the margherita) but could have been cooked a bit longer for a little more char. Would def return.

          1. I went last night. It's very good pizza. GREAT crust, good amount of cheese/tomato sauce. Light on the add'l toppings (wanted more mushrooms). No take-out. The place itself is on the smaller side, so if you go, go early or go prepared to stand and wait and drink or make a reservation. I went at 6 pm and sat immediately, but there was a crazy line by 7. Pizzas are around $14 each. Very boozy tiramisu which was more cake than mascarpone. Some nice wines. Place is a little more swanky/trendy than I was hoping for, but it's a keeper. Just maybe not a spur of the moment pizza place.

          2. Yes, I went and put a little review onto the pizza thread with photos:

            Long and short of it - I was pretty disappointed with the pizza, but impressed with their PR.

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              Hmmmm, I am unsure of what I think... The pizzas look beautiful when delivered! All the ingredients were worthy and the crust was good, but I kinda felt like something was missing, though I don't know what! I had the CAPRICCIOSA with pomodoro, artichokes, mushrooms, black olives, fior di latte, prosciutto cotto, parmigiano, basil. I loved the mushrooms, but I believe I only had two on my whole pizza. I guess I am still asking myself if I thought this pizza was worth $20???

              My son had the DIAVOLA $16 - pomodoro, fior di latte, salamino picante, parmigiano, basil...he said it was good, but he wouldn't rush back for more...not that either of us are any kind of pizza experts or son actually tried comparing it with Domino's about the prices and I had to give him a lecture about comparing apples with apples, not oranges and then a lesson on ingredients! He just looked at me like I was a food nerd. :-)

              I liked the restaurant decor and service was great. They are really trying hard, you can see that just by watching how they operate...

              1. re: ck1234

                Agreed with the previous comments here- beautiful interior, excellent service but the prices are completely out of whack.

                I had a twelve dollar Margherita and thought it compared nicely to Libretto in Toronto in terms of price/quality/persentation, but adding four pieces for a prosciutto pizza (the *only* difference between our orders) jacks the price by six bucks!!!
                I don't care if it's got delicately shaved unicorn horn on it, $18 for this pizza is about four dollars more than I'd top out at.

                Nicli, I want you guys to stay in business- please take a look at your prices and adjust things to a sensible level. You'll make more dough if you move more dough.

            2. We went to Nicli's a couple nights ago and loved it! I thought the execution was great. The crust is pretty much what I look for in a thin, simple pizza. I think "minimal" is the operative word here. We had the marg, funghi and diavola. Pizza porn attached.

              I understand the bitching about the prices. I wouldn't go here more than a couple times a month. But I felt quite satisfied with a marg and a beer. I'm ok with that for a $20 meal. Heck, people end up spending more at a CFD place like Earls. The spicy salami in the diavola added a nice saltiness, which was definitely needed in comparison to the marg, which was a little too mild. The sauce is very mild and fresh-tasting. I love that crust!