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Recommendations for a Local

So, I've been living in San Diego since August 2007...almost 3.5 years now..I've been to a lot of the more well known places around town.

I've just recently found out about the German Taco trucks, as well as that copper chimney indian truck...I guess what I'm looking for is some recommendations from people who have been here longer or know more than I do. I'm looking for any and all types of food, from all price levels.

Not looking for the places you'd tell a tourist he/she must hit on a weekend in San Diego...looking for the local only, hole in the wall, type joints that after 3.5 years I still haven't heard about. I just got back from a foodie journey in New Orleans this past week, which really drove home the point that the San Diego food scene is lacking...so someone revitalize me and lets get 2011 off to a good start!

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  1. I question is way too broad to answer. Just look through the threads over the last few months (or use the search function for discussion about favorite places) and you will find different suggestions

    1. Difficult to answer. But I hear you loud and clear. I've lived here now for going on 3 years and I'd say, its gotten better. I think a big part of the problem is that the folks down here are pretty easy to please, looking through yelp, you'll see everything has 5 stars, everything is the best and really, ... its not.

      So anyways, hole in the wall-ish places... I like giorginos for cheese steaks and sandwiches. Pretty decent. Rebecca's coffee in S. Park has good scones, coffee is not so good tho.

      Places I like for dinner, I went to Wine vault bistro recently and that was pretty good. Places like Urban Solace are consistent. Cucina Urbana is also good, not spectacular but for SD, its pretty good. Kebab shop in east village is good as well.

      I wish i had more recommend more hole in the wall places but to be honest, i dont know how all these hole in the walls stay in business cuz most are really bad.

      Urban Solace Restaurant
      3823 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104

      1. I agree with honkman, that's way too broad of a question. Just remember that San Diego is a big place, and that the tourists generally visit areas west of 163. The rest is local country.

        1. "the German Taco trucks"

          That abbreviation might imply something that is quite a bit different than reality. "I'd like a bratwurst taco with bierkase cheese and sauerkraut, bitte."

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          1. something that I think would answer my own question and might be good for others interested...the baklava at mama's bakery in the univ. heights area is some of the best I've ever had. Other dishes are decent to good.

            1. pan fried tofu veggie dumplings at Dumpling Inn on Convoy
              Turkey & Cheese on Rye at Antonelli's in El Cajon
              Happy Hour fish tacos at the Brigantine..fave is Shelter Island
              Bully burger and cold one at Bully's East
              Mussel bisque en croute at Dobsons with a bottle of wine
              Steamers, chowda, and dozen oysters at the Oyster Bar at the Fish Market
              Scallop sandwich at Point Loma Seafoods
              Cheeseburger at my beloved dive the Waterfront..
              Fish n' Chips at O'Sullivan's in Escondido
              Lobster burrito at Bahia's in Bird Rock LJ

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                Would that be O'Sullivan's in Carlsbad?

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                  It's on Grand in downtown Escondido..great Irish Pub
                  Didn't know there was an 'R' in front of O'Sullivans..
                  I think I've been to that O'Sully's in downtown Carlsbad.


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                    Oddly enough O'Sullivan's in CB is also on Grand. The reason I asked was I thought the food at the one in CB was ok but not great. I guess I always compare any places F&C to Kingshead in Santa Monica, and most places down here just are not quite at that level..

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                      I've only had their fish n' chips with a few pints and they were pretty darn good.
                      I've had good fish n' chips at the oceanfront Harbor Fish Cafe in Carlsbad but its been quite awhile.

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                        I thought that the Fish n' Chips at HFC were ok. I guess a pint and nice cozy pub atmosphere adds to the whole experience. I will have to venture out to Escondido and give 'em a try!

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                          Everything tastes better with beer!
                          ; )

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                        The best F& C I've had is at Ritual Tavern in North Park. I haven't indulged recently, but you might want to check it out.

                        Ritual Tavern
                        4095 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

                2. A few recent favorites:

                  Minh Ky: Beefsteak with Tomato (some of the most perfect Chinese food you will ever eat)
                  Whisk n' Ladle: happy hour cured swordfish (best appetizer under $20 in California), the Bone Marrow and the Suckling Pig are very good as well.
                  Mea Kwan: Pan fried chicken with coconut green curry over spinach (Unbelievable Thai food)
                  Noble Experiment for Speakeasy bar experiment (push the kegs next to the bathroom in The Neighborhood, after setting a reservation via text message to enter)
                  Kebab Shop: Ishkender kebab with half tomato sauce (incredible for fast food)
                  Rei Do Gado: Meat. Lunch. Happiness.
                  Wine Vault and Bistro: Pinot Noir Flight with tasting menu or 5/6 course chef's menu (very good value for the food and the wine because it's very high end, and tastes very good).

                  These are some recent love affairs in the SD area. Let me know what you think.

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                    Our family LOVES Minh Ky and we're slowly working through the menu there...the problem is, we get stuck on one or two dishes and never want to order others. We'll have to try the beefsteak with tomato. That place is amazing...I've been in City Heights frequently lately for work reasons and have eaten at some real gems. Wish we had the same variety up here in North County. We are also BIG fans of Kebab Shop, where my 12-yr-old has requested to go for her b'day dinner tomorrow night. I usually go for the chicken doner, and of course, the fries are amazing. Also love many of the others on your list and am interested in checking out the few that I haven't heard of (such as Mea Kwan). Thanks for the ideas!