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Jan 6, 2011 09:45 AM

Ok, I give up, fried oysters

When I cook fried oysters, the breading comes off in the pan. I am using butter to fry in. I use an egg to dip, then bread crumbs.
Please fix me up with your best method and recipe. We love em, but the presentation us pretty
'crumby'. Thanks and thanks for this website, I have learned much here.

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  1. After you bread them, place them on a platter and sprinkle the leftover breading on top. Then put them in the fridge for an hour or two. Then let them sit at room temp for 15 mins before frying.

    You could also double dip them-i.e. dip and bread twice.

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    1. re: AdamD

      Thanks Adam, I will try that. Is butter the right thing to fry them in? I'd thought maybe that was the problem, or the temp of the skillet(iron).

      1. re: Nanzi

        Do NOT use butter. Use peanut oil.

        1. re: Nanzi

          You can fry them in butter.
          As noted below, deep fried with cornmeal breading is the traditional way, but you can pan fry them. Its a different texture, but still very good. I like it because I don't have to use a lot of oil just to cook one batch.
          You can also add a touch of oil to the butter to raise the smoking point if you wish. Cast iron pan is perfect. Depending on how "seasoned" yours is, you may need to add a bit more fat in order to reduce the amount of contact with the bottom of the pan. You really want them sitting in the butter rather than browning on the bottom of the pan.
          Hope this helps!

      2. Use a high smoke point oil....Peanut, Corn, Soybean....
        Heat oil to a minimum of 360* ~~~ I start at 375*
        Very lightly salt the oysters...(If needed)
        Roll/coat them well in Cornmeal....Cornflour if you just gotta....Or a mixture of the two ( Heavy on the meal.)
        Deep fry in small batches...depending on size from 90 seconds to 2 minutes. ~~ Listen!!! They will tell you when they're done. Listen!!!
        Drain on racks ....Serve.

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        1. re: Uncle Bob

          I always watch for them to begin to pop up and pull them then.

          1. re: hazelhurst

            We are about to put the deep fryer back into service. This might be the first thing I do in it.
            Thanks for the help.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              At pop up, they are real close for sure....I usually go just a few seconds longer....I like a good crunch!!! ~~~ It's all good my friend!!

            2. re: Uncle Bob

              Uncle Bob knows what he's talkin' about! Good oysters don't need anything but a little cornmeal. Give it a try :-)

            3. Frankly, I found that simple is better here. I use very hot olive oil and only roll the oysters in salted flour. Perfect. Crispy.

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              1. re: Helene Goldberg

                Oh so right!

                We have just moved back to Vancouver after 10 years away. I went to my favorite little local spot to get a panfried oyster and found they had started breading them in panko. So has everyone else. I want to taste oyster not bread and all the fat it can absorb. Simple IS better!

                1. re: Helene Goldberg

                  Ya just flour. I make sure the oysters are really patted dry dry dry then I roll them in salted corn starch. THEN I let them sit for a while so the CS can absorb any moisture. The secret is DRY oysters first.
                  Into a medium hot pan then add a T of CC oil/and a T of clarified butter.
                  Don't over cook them. They'll only take literally a minute on each side.
                  Getting some today!

                2. True true, deep frying is preferred.
                  But you can still pan fry em as you would a cutlet.
                  Different, but still delicious.

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                  1. re: AdamD

                    The only time I pan fry oysters, is when I doing (My Version) of Hang Town Fry ~~


                  2. My one attempt at deep-frying oysters was making Hangtown Fry … at a fundraising party! Talk about walking a tightrope without a net! I had a brand-new deep-fryer I'd never used before, and a recipe I'd only just found. Luckily I had an hour before the thing started and an all-but-bottomless supply of freshly-shucked oysters, so by the time I'd thoroughly screwed up a dozen or so I was ready for prime time. The method prescribed in my recipe called for a double-dip: egg, then crumbs. This was a disaster. A friend who is quite frankly not much of a cook had the bright idea of flouring the things first, and she saved the day. They did need to be patted dry first and then very quickly run through the process, but once they were fried they became very easy to handle. And then, since the dish is "pretty" only to people who love eggs and oysters, those of us who fell into that category wound up eating most of it. Golly, what a chore …