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Jan 6, 2011 09:43 AM

Kokoro Modern Asian Bistro - Duo/Plateau reincarnated! (Greenwich CT)

Just caught a post on old friend StamfordTalk's blog that Chow favorite Duo/Plateau, which closed in Stamford last year, has been reopened on the Avenue as Kokoro Modern Asian Bistro.

I'll quote from StamfordTalk here:

"A quick glance at the website shows a resto that looks a lot like Duo and a menu that's a mix of both Plateau and Duo. Happily, the amazing Spicy Tuna Pizza appetizer is still served! "

I'm very happy to see these restaurateurs make a comeback in the area, Duo/Plateau was a great restaurant in a terrible location. Hopefully Kokoro works out better for them.

Stamford Talk Blog:

Kokoro Modern Asian Bistro:

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  1. Happened upon this place yesterday at lunchtime. (We were headed to Meli-Melo which was incredibly crowded). This was across the street so we gave it a try. What a surprise! DH loved the sushi and thought it was very fresh and good quality. Friend and I had bento box lunches from the kitchen. Delicious! All I can say is I can't wait to go back! Yes we have only tried it once, but it was very good.