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La Estrella Bakery, Park Street, Hartford

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Stopped in today for Portuguese bread because Stop and Shop was out yet again. Man, is it ever good. Perfect chewy crust, tender crumb, and only $2.50 for a big loaf. The friendly woman behind the counter sliced it for me, too.

A genoa and provolone sandwich was so good, I had to fire up a grilled cheese to further test the breads awesomeness. It passed with flying colors, much better than any Portuguese bread I've had from a grocery store.

They're on Park about halfway between New Park and Prospect, on the left if you're heading towards downtown. Right across from King & I Thai. Plenty of off street parking.

I'll be going back regularly.

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  1. I'll take a dozen rolls and one more with butter to eat in the car. I think the supermarket ones have some preservatives. The ones from the 3 local bakeries may get stale but they're great fresh.

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      Funny you say that about the bread getting stale, because that is exactly why I have not gone back there. I must have hit it on an off day and the bread seemed stale at the bakery. I guess I will have to try it again in hopes to get a fresh loaf.

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        Oh and that reminds me....stale portugese bread from estrella makes for a mighty tasty french toast or bread pudding.