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Jan 6, 2011 08:52 AM

Kyochon Chicken coupon on groupon

I saw this coupon for kyochon chicken on groupon...$7 for $15...i haven't used groupon before but looks like a decent deal

Kyochon Chicken
3833 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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  1. I saw that too. I haven't tried Kyochon. Jonathan Gold liked it but I see that a lot of reviewers on Yelp think it is mediocre or worse. I also noticed that the chain has closed down a number of their locations in the LA area. Not a good sign.

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    1. re: Sam D.

      I don't have first-person experience with this, but I recall some reviewers mentioning that the non-K-Town locations (in particular the Glendale location) seemed to be reheating/refrying chicken rather than making it fresh. I've only been to the K-Town location, and the chicken has always been excellent.

      1. re: Peripatetic

        The service is so slow there. Yes, I know it takes awhile to double fry the chicken. But, waiting 40 mins for some wings is unacceptable.

      2. re: Sam D.

        I've had good luck at the K-Town locations but less so at the others.

        The now-defunct Torrance location shut down mostly because of a space dispute, I believe. It was inside the Freshia supermarket along with a few other Korean fast-food counters, and the store ripped out all the inside seating and tables for more inventory space. This pretty much wiped out the fast-food vendors, because who really wants to take greasy hot wings out to eat in the parking lot? FWIW, this location also gave me the MSG Hangover From Hell, so I can't say I miss it, seating or no.

      3. Contrary to other reports, the sticks are always very good and the service is "efficient"...Beware...the hot is really hot!...but so, so good! Mrs. TravelPath and I have never had a problem with speed of service or quality

        1. probably sad to say, the only branches i've tried are the defunct ones. so to me, the chicken was just eh and way too pricey for what it was. definitely stay away from the chicken strips crusted in puff rice (if they still make it that is). one of my worst purchases ever! they had horrendous complimentary soft ice cream too

          i'd probably try the k-town branch if i ever went out to LA. for now, i'm just happy there's a bbq not too far away from where i live.