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Jan 6, 2011 08:47 AM

Dragon Steakhouse, Pittsfield

So has anyone eaten here? I've driven by 4-5 times since it was open and haven't seen but 1 car there. Today's Eagle has an article, also indicating they still have Mama's spring rolls. But I'm concerned that they may be no better than when served at the Railroad St location in GB--apparently it really depends on not just who made the rolls, but who is doing the frying.
Not a big fan of steakhouses--can cook that stuff at home. Any feedback from hounds?

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  1. Yes I've been now twice to Dragon Steakhouse. The verdict is that it is fairly good- but very heavy food. They do still have the spring rolls; they are pretty good, but my husband remarked that he didn't like the filling--it tasted too non-descript and to him had a gooey texture. I still liked them as they were well fried and I thought tasty. My husband had the "kobe beef" burger which he doubted was actually kobe beef for the price, but who is to know. He thought it was ok; I had one of the steaks which was cooked to medium rare perfection, very buttery and tasty and silky. The plate is a big one as it also came with a vegetable and potato. I really enjoyed it. Don't get the side-dishes, it will be overkill as the plates are large. So, overall I would rate it fair to good, if you are up for a heavy meal and do not mind the atmosphere, which I find decor wise rather confused. The service is good and friendly.

    1. Whenever I've driven by it's looked closed and shuttered. One car or no cars.
      When I read about them going into the Spice space on North St. I figured that's why they weren't operating at the Dragon site.
      Now I'm really confused.
      Maybe they will keep both open?
      Can't wait to see their menu & prices on North st!

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        I have higher hopes for the North St. venue too. I drive by the West Housatonic site often, and there are "sometimes" cars there. Still haven't tried, as I can cook a great grass-fed steak at home.
        I'd love to find more of the old Dragon menu on North St. My impression from the article in the Eagle was that the two brothers were going to run all three restaurants.
        I'm wondering if what made the old Dragon so good was Mom in the kitchen (and grouchy but) demanding Dad up front.