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Nov 22, 2005 01:31 PM

Europane - Fantastic!

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Granted, I only sampled one thing on one day, so its not a good test statistically, but I will certainly return to sample more goodies.

My dentist, who is in Pasadena, would be proud to know I stopped in the bakery after my cleaning. So many things looked tempting, but eventually I settled on a cheese danish so that I could eat and drive to work. Plain croissants were gone, but they still had a few chocolate, some almond, and raspberry jam danish, all of which sported, I would assume, the much discussed croissant dough of which the plain are made. It was delicious. Pastry was tender, flaky, buttery, but not greasy. Filling was light, creamy, sweet but not cloying. I wish I'd bought 2 (but am glad I didn't!).

I've discovered my new favorite, better than amandine, which is a little on the greasy side for me, and on par with Boule in taste, but twice the size and half the price (danish was $2). How did we ever suffer through those terrible cardboard, canned fruit pie filling danish that we get served at breakfast meetings for so long? Or maybe I'm just a late pastry bloomer...

What should I get when I go back? It all looked delicious!

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  1. europane is awesome...their egg salad on olive bread is my favorite, followed by chicken salad on rosemary currant bread...

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      Third the egg salad's virtually impossible for me to be in Pasadena around lunch time and not order it. They've run out before and offered to make more if I wanted to wait, and I did. I also love the blueberry brioche, the blueberry danish, the bread pudding, and...oh heck, I've never had anything bad there. And those chocolate filled they're kept in the refrigerator...crispy top, melt-y inside...I don't generally like nuts in my brownies, but I will make an exception for these...the only problem is that they're really big enough (due to their richness) for two, maybe even three people...but so compulsion-making that once started, it's all to easy to just keep eating one until it's all gone....

    2. I love Europane! Their individual fresh fruit tarts are great -- in the summer, the white nectarine tarts, and in winter, the pear tarts. They make superb sticky buns. I'm also a fan of their individual ginger panettone, which are not too sweet, full of ginger chunks and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds on top. Another breakfast favorite is a slab of their ciabatta, toasted; covered with butter and eaten with raspberry jam on alternating bites, it's heaven.

      And I second the egg salad recommendation. I'm also a fan of their meatloaf sandwich. I've heard a lot about their chicken pot pies (call early to reserve, apparently), but haven't tried one yet.

      1. i want to thank you all. i went today, of course had the egg salad sandwich. yummie....oh makes my mouth water. seriously who woulda thought putting a sun dried tomato spread with some nice egg salad?? ohhh man, i got it on the rosemary currant bread......i am getting one tomorrow. does anyone know their hours? i didnt even remember to look.

        1. Went there this morning and saw some items I've never seen before like Sumi's-O's and some macaroon/caramel/saltine thing that tastes really good! Also saw a italian marzipan cake that looked absolutely delicious.

          1. The deep dish quiche, especially the squash one (of all things!), is very fine.