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Jan 6, 2011 08:30 AM

Melted nylon/plastic on my Le Creuset skillet

Ahh, help...I was cooking with my skillet and it for sure was too hot since the plastic/nylon turner I was using seemed to leave some melted residue on it, and I have no idea how to get it off. I've already tried freezing it and chipping away at it with a wooden handle and boiling a water+baking soda solution on it, but neither of those seemed to do anything (other than completely strip the patina I had built up on it). I've been looking around at this site and the internet but haven't been able to find anything directly relevant. I've seen suggestions on using bleach or nail polish remover -- is there any chance that this could ruin the enameling on the skillet? Along the same vein, I've seen people recommend putting the skillet in the oven and turning up the heat so that the plastic burns off. How hot does it need to be? How hot can I get before the enamel starts to melt?

I've already tried contacting Le Creuset about it but their solution was to 'buy another one' albeit at a 'reduced price'...not really a solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure, but here's another thread with a similar situation but on a stainless pan. One of the solutions there worked.

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      I tried the main solution they suggested (baking soda simmer) and it didn't seem to be able to get the plastic off.

    2. Maybe heating it up till the plastic is soft and scraping it with a razor?

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        I feel like there'd be a huge danger in chipping the enamel by doing that. Can anyone confirm this is safe?

      2. It would really help to know what type of plastic you are dealing with, but here goes: You are not going to be able to put it in an oven, at least not a kitchen oven, and "burn" off the plastic. If it's nylon 6 the melting point is about 210 to 220 °C, but the temperature to ash (burn off the plastic) is going to be much much higher than that. If it's nylon 6/6 then the melting temperature just went up to 265°C and the ash temperature went up even more. Your oven won't go up high enough to either ash the plastic or melt the enamel on your LC. Nylons aren't all that chemical resistant, but probably chemical resistant enough not to be effected by most things you wouldn't mind putting in your pot.

        If you can get an edge I would try chipping it out with a plastic putty knife or another nylon spatula or wooden instrument. If there is no edge to get under you might try heating and scraping with a metal implement, razor blade, putty knife, butter knife, what ever you can get in there being careful not to damage the pot. You will need to probably put it in the oven at something over 400°F to soften the nylon. The good news is the enamel is really hard and smooth, the bad news is it's brittle so be careful.

        One more vote for wooden utensils ;)

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        1. re: mikie

          If it helps, the turner is a nylon Cuisinart one...similar to this

          I'll see if I can dig something up that would have enough of an edge to scrape the plastic. I'm guessing a wooden handle is a bit too blunt. Thanks for the tips.

          edit -- Also, I'm definitely getting wooden utensils after this.

        2. I boiled baking soda one more time and left it on a little longer and used bamboo skewers to chip the plastic off! Guess I wasn't patient enough last time. Thanks for all the help everyone!

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              Ohhh, thank goodness. I have been reading this and sittin' on edge to see if you could get that melted nylon safely off your pan. I am so grateful you posted. It was both a heads up and warning about using the nylon utensils on cast iron and maybe a solution should the unthinkable (melting the nylon on the pot).