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Jan 6, 2011 08:01 AM

Freshly Caught Fish

I'm thinking of some ways to cook freshly caught sea bass, unpretentiously and really letting the fish shine for all that it is.

1. Leave the fish whole and gut it. Stuff the cavity with a couple thin slices of lemon, a sprig or two of thyme, and salt (salting the outside skin as well). Roast it in the oven at 350 just long enough to cook it through.

2. Clean and fillet the fish (leaving skin on), and make foil packets for each fillet using a little lemon, chopped parsley, and salt. Hit these packets on the grill for a few minutes until just cooked through.

Also thinking about serving with some form of crispy potatoes for texture; possibly french fries or pommes maxim, sprinkled with a little fleur de sel.

Any other ideas to really let the fish shine, in cooking technique, ingredients, or sides?

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  1. Those are my favorite ways of simple. Whole presentation makes a great impression when cooking for company and foil packets are informal and easy, grilled or in the oven. Parchment packets done in the oven and plated for the diner(s) to open can be a nice presentation too. When serving exceptional fish simply I like to accompany it with nothing more than a really good salad and potatoes roasted with salt, pepper, rosemary and olive oil.

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      Whole is really nice. I've done the salt dome which works really well to retain moisture. As long as you brush off any residual salt on the surface of the fish before serving it will not be salty at all.

    2. Steam, whole or filleted.

      1. I'd do it whole, in the foil packet on the grill.

        1. You could slice up the filets and do a little shabu shabu or a nabe dish.
          You could also do the banana leaf steam-serve with a ginger soy or chili dipping sauce.

          1. I vote for your method # 1