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Jan 6, 2011 07:55 AM

Cabbage Strudel in Brooklyn/Queens?

Has anyone seen this dish offered at any of the Polish spots in Greenpoint, BK or Ridgewood,QNS? I did a search and noticed that a Hungarian place in NYC called Andre's has it on their menu....

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  1. Andre's also has a bakery in Rego Park/Forest Hills, but not sure if they sell the cabbage strudel there. It's worth going to find out, tho, as everything else is good.

    Someone just posted on manhattan board about a hungarian restaurant in college point, but the one that used to be there closed many years ago and I'm not sure if it's reopened or if the poster was misinformed. But if it's still there, they may have it.

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      I'm almost certain they don't sell it at the bakery in RP/FH, but I know they also run a cafe on the UES.

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        Cabbage Strudel is definitely Hungarian Jewish, because my grandmother made it, along with apple strudel. It always reminded me of an egg roll, minus the pork of course. Grandma used to make homemade dough, and flour a tablecloth, and stretch and pull it so thin! I tried making it once with a recipe I found in a cookbook, using store bought phylo dough. I never realized that grandma added sugar, but she did. Missmasala, I'd really like to see your recipe if you can post it. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories, my grandma's been gone now about 20 years and I haven't attempted to make this strudel in about 18 years! I wish I knew a restaurant that makes this but I don't, and I live in Rockland County. We need a good Hungarian restaurant in the area!

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          I'll have to dig it out. It mainly involves cooking down a lot of shredded cabbage until it caramelizes. I use my mother's recipe. She also puts a teaspoon of sugar in to help the cabbage caramelize.
          I use either frozen phyllo dough or a flaky sour cream dough that i make--it's easy. i've never made my own strudel dough (the kind you flour the tablecloth for) but I would like to try it sometime.

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            Missmasala, I'd love to see your flaky sour cream dough - my grandmother's dough always used sour cream, but I don't have her recipes!

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              that's easy.
              2 cups flour
              2 sticks soft unsalted butter
              1 cup sour cream
              half teaspoons salt

              Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Shape into flat oval. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for at least two hours before rolling out. makes about 4 8-inch strudels. Recipe can be halved.

              This is not the authentic strduel dough that you stretch. More like a rugelach or super flaky pie-style dough. but it makes a tasty strudel.

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          Andres's in Rego Park had cabbage strudel the last time I was there which was in October. They don't always have it, but if you call ahead and order it, they will probably make it for you.

        3. Hi johnk,

          I don't recall seeing this on the menu in any Polish restaurant anywhere but I will ask some of my Polish co-workers if they are familiar with it.

          When I Google "cabbage strudel," what comes up are links that suggest that it may be a Jewish Hungarian specialty. (It sounds delicious, by the way.)

          The closest thing that I've encountered locally is the sauerkraut roll that is available at Beata Bakery on Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood. (though cabbage strudel looks and sounds way better, to be honest!)


          Glendale is hungry...

          Beata Bakery
          69-08 Fresh Pond Rd, Queens, NY 11385

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            I believe that it's a hungarian jewish speciality because my mother makes it and she's both hungarian and jewish.

            Which is why i suggested the hungarian restaurant that may or may not still exist in college point. Or the andre's in manhattan. I, too, have never seen it on a polish menu.

            For those who are interested, it's not that difficult to make at home. I've done it. Hmm, maybe if you're interested, JohnK, I'll do a blog post about it and then post on the homecooking board.

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              Thanks for the info. I don't know of any hungarian place in College Point??
              Sure, I'lll take a crack at making it!
              On a side note, I used to love the stuffed cabbage at Cornell Garden ( Romanian ) in Sunnyside...

          2. M&I International at Brighton beach sells cabbage turnovers. You might also ask at bakeries, they might be able to make one special.

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              Are those the fried ones? I've had those and they are tasty, but they're not cabbage strudel.