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Suggestions on Local Seafood Restaurant near Old Town

I will be in San Diego on business the first part of February - the hotel is the Best Western Hacienda Hotel Old Town. Are there any relatively nearby restaurants that serve good local seafood? Don't care about cuisine type, but would like to have local seafood. Suggestions, please.

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  1. Blue Water Grill on India street is a couple of minutes from Old Town.
    Bay Park Fish Company off Morena.
    Point Loma Seafoods or the Fish Market Downtown but only the oyster bar or the sushi restaurant...great views bayfront with an outside patio.


    1. Sushi Ota is great for sushi..best in San Diego.

      Second on Pt. Loma Seafoods.

      Oceanaire is downtown, not very far, might be best seafood restaurant in town.

      San DIego, CA, San DIego, CA

      Sushi Ota
      4529 Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

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        seeing your previous post, asking about local hole in the wall great places, Kaito blows Ota away for sushi.

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          In your opinion. I've eaten a lot at both and Kaito isn't good enough to warrant the drive to Encinitas if Ota or Hane are closer. If you live in North country, it is a great spot though. Yu Me Ya I prefer hands down when having Japanese cuisine though in that area. Sure, I know the 4 Kaito freaks on this board are getting ready for 3 page replies about how Morita-san is an artist and how his deft, delicate hand can do this and that with fish. Its a great place no doubt but not when you have to make a trip out of it.

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            I've been to Ota and Kaito and quite frankly, the trip is worth every minute and penny on gas. I've eaten better at Kaito, dollar for dollar, compared to Ota. And Ota is considerably closer for me.

      2. Will you have a car? Blue Water is closest to where you're staying and Bay Park not much further away. Both would require a vehicle to get there

        1. Harney Sushi is in Old Town. Great sushi and cool music.

          Harney Sushi
          3964 Harney St, San Diego, CA 92110

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            I would, as respectfully as possible, disagree with the Harney suggestion.

            Roll "sushi" with plenty of cream cheese and everything including the kitchen sink wrapped in rice and Nori. Then to further insult your sensibilities, the music is SO DAMN LOUD I couldn't have a conversation, and I was there alone!

            When you can't even talk to yourself, the disco's a-bumping too loud.

            I have no argument with the list provided with Beach "en croûte" Chick, but must jump up in the air and wave a black flag on Harney Disco. Uh. "Sushi".


            1. re: Fake Name

              'Beach "en croûte" Chick'...Love that!

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. I am looking for a place I can get to, hopefully by walking. The Blue Water looks exactly like what I'm looking for, but it looks really hard to find a place to sit and eat the food.

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              The food is the best part- the chairs/tables not as much. But they do have seating inside and on their outdoor patio.

              Great place- the grilled shrimp tacos are terrific.

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                It would be a long walk from where you are, but doable. If you hotel has a van or shuttle you might be able to talk them into taking you down, or picking you up.

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  True- not only long, but frankly, an ugly one too.

                  1. re: Fake Name

                    No, it wouldn't make a scenic Top-10 would it

              2. I would also suggest Blue Water, as you are in Old Town a cab shouldn't be difficult to procure. Also, if you walk one block north of Blue Water there is an English pub named Shakespears that would be willing to help you grab a cab back to your hotel. The fare shouldn't be more then $5 each way. A tad bit pricey but better then the super ugly walk. Also, if you are looking for sushi Hane Sushi in Banker's Hill/Hillcrest is just a bit farther and has excellent sushi. It is no Kaito but very tasty.

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                  Washington Street is one Trolley stop away from Old Town and Shakespear and Blue Water are about a block away from there.

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                    Hitting myself up 'long side the head...of course the trolley is the answer. Easy access from Old Town to the Washington st. stop and a short walk. Duh.

                2. Eye of the beholder...a couple of folks have said it's an ugly walk, but I did a virtual walk yesterday on Google maps, and thought "Looks like a pretty walk!" Especially the part closer to the hotel - through Old Town...it's a bit far, but I'll have been sitting all day in a meeting, and ready to walk - and to a person from New Mexico, I think most of the walk will be appealing to me....Thanks, everyone for the suggestions.

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                    The trolley is an even better view. I'm something of an expert of the stretch of San Diego Avenue between Old Town and Washington Street- I travel it nearly every day, and walk in the area frequently.

                    Google maps. Maybe its the good light, or perhaps they post-produce. Maybe the area merchants pay to have the area enhanced...

                    Take the trolley. Trust us, we're Chowhounds.

                  2. I was in San Diego few weeks ago with the fam & Harney Sushi was recommended to me. So glad the sis-in-law lives there (much needed break from NY weather) & looking forward to heading back for more sushi goodness. Their sushi was stellar. Was trying to look up the great roll I had there, it was the Rolls Royce & saw this reivew & pic of it that may be helpful http://www.thesushicritic.com/harney-...

                    from what it says, they use lots of local fish, enjoy!

                    heres their site too


                    Harney Sushi
                    3964 Harney St, San Diego, CA 92110