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Jan 6, 2011 06:51 AM

lunch and late night dinner (FRI) w/ vegetarian -- Dover/Durham NH

DC Chowhound here.

Veggie daughter (13) is fencing at UNH tomorrow night. Tournament could run until 10 or midnight (ok, I'm a pessimist). Any decent food options between UNH and Dover (where we're staying) that late (on a Friday) ?

No time constraints re lunch on Friday -- so looking for something good and reasonably filling for a vegetarian with a couple of omnivores in tow.


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  1. I cannot speak for dinner, but in downtown Dover there's a creperie that serves both vegetarians and carnivores and they're open for lunch.

    1. There really aren't Restaurants between Dover and Durham. Each town has Pizza places that will be open.

      1. Maybe the Barley Pub? I see your daughter is 13, so obviously not the best atmosphere, but it is open late, so maybe you could at least get some take-out from there. Unfortunately, NH is not the best place for late-night eating!

        Barley Pub
        328 Central Ave, Dover, NH 03820