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Jan 6, 2011 06:19 AM


A friend of mine just recently moved to Roslindale. We're curious about what the dining options are in that area. We like food from cheap to fancy in all price ranges. Any suggestions?

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  1. I noticed that other threads include Delfino. What other places would people recommend? Any Vietnamese or Thai?

    Delfino Restaurant
    754 South St, Roslindale, MA 02131

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    1. re: ecwashere7

      Sofia's Grotto is very nice, good food and a cozy atmospher. Village Seafood is also good (get the wasabi pork shumai.....positively addictive), there is a thai place that I have had uneven luck with, but some people like it. Pleasent Cafe is an old school favorite, and West Roxbury is just around the corner, where there is many good places, heck, JP ain't that far either!

    2. I've talked about this in some other threads and there haven't been too many big changes. There are a bunch of good places:
      Pleasant Cafe is a marvel- a true time warp and an awesome place. Not fancy on any level but good pizza and drinks and gruffly welcoming to all.
      Fornax bakery is excellent for bread, sandwiches and soups.
      Sophia's is good pan-Mediterranean.
      Village Sushi is quite decent.
      Delfino's is popular and always busy- food is not really my thing but I'm in the minority.
      Romano's has surprisingly good tacos for what looks like a mediocre pizza place.
      Very optimistic about Sugar, but I don't think it's open yet.
      I've never been to the thai place in the square, but I've heard ok things about it.
      Never been to Birch St. Bistro but reports are mixed.
      Geoffrey's is not what it used to be, literally.
      There are a few more diner, pub and sub-shop options.
      No vietnamese in the area as far as I know.
      Lots of good food shopping @ cheese shop, wine store, fish market, bob's pita bakery etc. Actually for me shopping in roz by and large is stronger than the restaurant scene.

      Delfino Restaurant
      754 South St, Roslindale, MA 02131

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      1. re: skordalia

        I tried the Mexican food from Romano's over the summer and got over my initial skepticism once I had a few tacos, a bite of a spicy (very spicy) burrito, and some of my friend's enchiladas. Better than middling Mex food in an unlikely looking pizza joint.

        Also, not to open up the whole JP can of worms, but friends of mine in Rozzie often pick up excellent roasted chicken from Yely's on Centre street on the way home. Well worth a 15 minute drive from Rozzie square.

        1. re: skordalia

          Geoffrey's Moved to the Back Bay, Adams Park Kitchen & Bar has opened in its place

          1. re: bspence

            Does Adams Park still have brunch and the donut muffins that Geoffrey's had?

          2. re: skordalia

            I'll just add that Blue Star has a good brunch-- I've never eaten there for dinner though.
            The Farmer's Market when it is in season is awesome-- you can go there, hit the cheese shop, fornax for bread and the wine store and go home to make a feast.

            Blue Star
            4 S Main St Ste 5, West Bridgewater, MA 02379