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Jan 6, 2011 06:17 AM

St. Martin Food Suggestions

Besides the bbq shacks in GC are there any restaurants that allow you to bring your own wine with or without a cockage charge.

What restaurants are cooking well right now in St. Martin?
Any give 1 Euro= 1 Dollar rates?

Anyone have favorite supermarkets on the French or Dutch side?

will be there for a week at end of January 2011-staying on French side

much thanks for any suggestions

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  1. A couple of links to help you. But if you're on th eFrench side, Grand case is best for dinners. In Marigot, try Bistro Nu or Saraphinas for nice lunches. Also Belle Epoque along th emarigot harbor for sandwiches and pizza.

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      Any GREAT NEW places to try in Grand Case? Or anywhere on the island for that matter??

    2. Returned from Grand Case last night. Enjpoyed meals at Il Nettuno and L'Escapade especially. Many are doing 1 to 1 for cash purchases.

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        Skies the Limit Lolo in Grande Case and Tropicana in Marigot..have FUN