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Jan 6, 2011 05:56 AM

Middle Eastern, Turkish, or Moroccan in Lakeview or Lincoln Park

Looking for a recommendation for good middle eastern, turkish, or moroccan food in Lakeview or Lincoln Park. Ideally, I would like a place that delivers.


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  1. Turquoise Cafe is in Roscoe Village and it's very good. Their Metromix listing says they deliver.

    The easiest way to find restaurants that deliver to your location is on Grubhub - They offer the ability to filter by type of food.

    1. Sultans on Clark about 2500 North for middle eastern. There's a moroccan place on Broadway that's spendy (mid-$15 per dish?) but good, north of Belmont a few blocks IIRC.

      Both are dine-in, casual.

      1. Fattoush (Lebanese) 2652 n. Halsted

        1. Cafe Orchid! SO good. Located at Lincoln and Addison. I'm pretty sure they deliver.

          Cafe Orchid
          1746 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613

          1. Check out A la Turka. Fantastic Turkish food, Around LIncoln and Belmont. Probably no delivery though - but the kebabs and kofte are outstanding.