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Jan 6, 2011 05:22 AM

Cheap lunch: Indian in North Jersey

I'm always looking for delicious steam-table food - a $5-$6 hefty, tasty lunch. So I'm interested in where this can be had in North Jersey, in particular in the category of Indian food. (Other recommendations in the "cheap-lunch" category also welcome!)

I know there's lots of stuff in Jersey City and other points east - but how about further west? Anything in Morris or Essex counties, along 46 or out that way? There's got to be something. (A few restaurants seem to have come and gone in Parsippany in the little strip mall where the Indian grocery is. Like that, I mean.)


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  1. I believe Chand Palace (Littleton Rd, Parsippany - same owners as Piscataway location) is still open: I haven't eaten there in quite a while, but it's a standard. I have also heard good things about Cinnamon on Rt 10 in Morris Plains:

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      I wanted to put my money where my mouth was, so to speak, so the hubby and I went to Cinnamon for dinner last night. It was fantastic! Pickled mushroom app, Boti Kabob and Fish Malabar for entrees, garlic naan, and Gulab Jamun for dessert. All excellent. Service was great. Prices are reasonable - all that for $50 including tax. They have a buffet at lunch, I think $12? I will be checking that out too!

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        Thanks, njkori - I have not been there and will try it sometime. It does sound great! (And I'm glad this question got you a great meal....;-) )

    2. I eat Indian food in that area all the time. Here are a few more suggestions:

      Right around the corner from Chand Palace (which is OK+ in my book) there is the Sri Ganesh Dosa House (next to Domino's in a little plaza), which as you might expect has a lot of dosas; you can also get a thali, etc. No atmosphere but cheap.

      Up at the intersection of Parisppany Rd. and Rt. 46 in the Marshall's Plaza there is a decent lunch buffet (with meat) at Baadshah, which, unlike the others I will mention, is north Indian.

      Going east from here on 46 there is a former Rajbog sweet shop (now re-named) that has a cheap thali, dosas, etc. In the plaza across from PepBoys.

      Finally, if you go continue to go east, before New Rd. you will find Spice Grill (mediocre) on the east bound lane and Mysore Woodlands (great) on the westbound side. The latter is a bit hard to find, set back from the road just west of the the Paul Miller auto dealership, but it is my favorite lunch spot of all these mentioned - they have a $8.99 buffet weekdays.

      Spice Grill
      111 US Highway 46, Parsippany, NJ 07054

      Chand Palace
      1296 Centennial Ave, Piscataway, NJ 08854

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        Thanks very much, jmoryl - those are some excellent leads! Just what I was looking for.

        Thanks again -

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          Hi jmoryl - went to Sri Ganesh tonight. It was great - the dosas were fantastic. It was exactly what I was looking for, and I thank you very much for the recommendation.

          Will be trying the others too - but actually I could eat at Sri Ganesh for quite awhile and be really happy.....

          Thanks again -

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            Glad you liked it. I sometimes go there with Indian co-workers and even they don't know what some of the dosas on that menu are like!

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              The menu is very extensive, I agree. I got Mysore Paper Masala Dosa (or something close to that), and it was wonderful. Another person got a paper one with chili - can't remember the name. And a third person got a vegetable pilau. The folks behind the counter were really nice and very helpful.

              What a great place....

        2. My friend and I ate lunch on Saturday at Clove Indian restaurant in East Rutherford, on Route 17 South. It's only been open since September. Really great lunch buffet, with good meat and vegetarian choices. (I know 'meat' is usually chicken, but I love chicken, so that's not a bad thing!) The weekend price was $9, it's less during the week. I'll definitely go back.

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            Good to know, thanks.
            Going north on 17, is Clove on the right or left side?
            Any other Indian places in the immediate area?

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              It's on Route 17 South, so if you're going North, it would be on your left. (Get off at the Route 120 exit, and make the U turn to 17South)
              Also, on the Lyndhurst/North Arlington border is Kamal Palace - they're pretty good too. It's a much smaller place (next to an Applegate Farms) on Ridge Rd. They do take out/delivery, too.

          2. phDuh, thanks for that tip--will definitely check it out.

            In Morris Cty, Saffron in E. Hanover always has an excellent buffet (7 days/week, iirc!). I love their food but think it's a bit $$$ a la carte. Can't beat the buffet pricing, though!

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              I do not remember name of this place in madison but it's in a strip plaza along 24? across the street from starbucks... it has a lunch buffet that i enjoyed very much as a student at drew.,sorry i don't remember more details...

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                I know that place, betsydiver - Beghum Palace. A good lunch buffet and friendly proprietors.


            2. Three of us went for lunch at Kamal Palace on Ridge Road in North Arlington. The food was really good. We were all very pleased with the selections. I'll be in the area again next week or so and intend to stop in for dinner.