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Jan 6, 2011 05:13 AM

Delfino Tonight, What to Order?

Hi hounds, I'm going to Delfino for dinner tonight and have never been. A quick search of the boards only came up with a handful of posts mentioning specific dishes, so I turn to the masses: what are the best dishes on their menu? I unfortunately can't eat shellfish, which seems to knock out most of the appetizers and a good number of the house specialties, but any other recommendations?


Delfino Restaurant
754 South St, Roslindale, MA 02131

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  1. the chicken parm is awesome!

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      1. re: Karl

        yep, their chicken/veal parms are top notch....something about the sauce, it tastes so bright and delicous

      2. Sorry to mention some shellfish here, but:

        Been a while since I've been back, but I fondly remember an appetizer of littlenecks in a white wine sauce with chouri├žo (not chorizo, as listed on the menu), garlic, and hot pepper rings. Liked the grilled polenta, a simple, rustic version with a really good red sauce. Did not love the lobster ravioli, which was more like a free-form lasagna and had way too much of a cream sauce. Pappardelle Bolognese was very good (and huge). Rack of lamb was also good, if not seeming particularly Italian: the plating wouldn't have looked out of place at Mistral. Desserts are worth it if you have room. Wines are a weak link: they're cheap, most everything under $30, but I would have welcomed a few more bottles that were up to the level of the food.

        1. Its a shame about the shellfish b/c their scallop appetizer is delicious. They always have nightly specials which are a good bet.....usually pork tenderloin is one of the offerings and they cook it perfectly pink! Both the chicken and veal parm. are excellent....huge portions! I have always enjoyed the statler chicken breast as well. As for the wine, I had a Malbec recently that was tasty but the name escapes me at the moment.

          1. Here's the report back on a fantastic meal. The rest of the table started with mussels steamed in a white wine sauce, which they consumed promptly. I had a side Caesar salad that was fresh and crisp plus the bread and olive oil left on the table (side note: the olive oil was very fruity with a nice hit of citrus, very tasty). The table got a variety of beverages, but I think my glass of Catena Malbec won out. For mains, the table ordered the boscaiola, the bolognese, the chicken parm, and I got porcini mushrooms with ribbon noodles. Everybody liked each dish but I think my dish was the star of the show. The housemade pasta had a lovely chewy consistency, and the white wine/plum/mascarpone sauce was flavorful and nicely balanced. The chicken parm wasn't over-fried, which my DC and I really appreciated, and devilham was right, the tomato sauce was delicious. The sausage in the boscaiola had a nice spice to it, too. I did not try the bolognese, as I don't eat veal, but it was well-received by everybody. We finished with a piece of tiramisu that was quite tasty, although I generally like a little more bite from the espresso than I found. Overall, DelFino was definitely worth the drive from the south end and I look forward to returning.

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              I was hoping you would report back and glad that you had a great time! was the Catena I had the last time I was there..very tasty. I have never had the porcini mushroom pasta....may have to give that a try the next time I visit,

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                I am so happy you liked it, and I know, isn't the sauce great? Just simple and good!