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Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag

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Anyone catch this show on OWN? I think it's a pretty original concept, in each episode the two hosts choose a cookbook, then try out some of the recipes, then rate the cookbook. They have a professional chef judge the outcome of their attempts. I think what makes this show is the two hosts, they are fun to watch. It just started, so I may change my mind, but I think this is a great, fun show.

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  1. They've been on-air in Canada for quite some time with this and older shows with a similar format. It's more consumer oriented and grounded in reality than most "cooking" shows that grossly misrepresent the skills and materials access deficits that can block success. They're innocuous and way less "produced" than most similar shows. They screw-up in the kitchen and live with it--like the rest of us

    1. They have actually convinced me to purchase two cookbooks because of their testing. Hopefully with the show airing on OWN they will produce some new episodes, I think I have watched all the old ones and can't wait for more. Great show for something produced entirely in Canada! The hosts are honest, down-to-earth, and make the same mistakes that a normal person would, which makes me at least, feel like less of an idiot (the episode where they have to work with live lobster was hilarious).

      1. I will look for this show. Thanks for the tip.

        1. I have watched most of the episodes (I am in Canada) and I really like the show. Both hosts are fun and the concept doesn't get old. I mostly agree with their findings (on the books I know) and bought a couple of books after they tried them.

          1. I enjoy the show a lot but sometimes I find them a little cluless. I do have to give them big credit for making the French Laundry pigs feet.

            1. I agree, I like this show and also liked their other show The Shopping Bags. It is a down to earth, relaxed kind of show and the hosts work well together. I really like the episode where they had to work with geoduck, I think it was the sustainable seafood one. It was hilarious.

              1. I just started watching this show a couple of weeks ago at the suggestion of a friend, and I love it! As people have mentioned, the hosts are very down-to-earth and self-deprecating and it's a hoot when they screw up a dish and the guest chef makes a face or spits it out. Good stuff.

                1. Yep. I've watched from the beginning and enjoyed it. I really like the way they try to stick to the recipe, even if they know it doesn't make sense. After all, they are reviewing a specific cookbook that, like all cookbooks, should work! It also is a good demonstration that, most of the time, you don't need to be a slave to a recipe.

                  My only problem is the envy I have over the house they use for the show. Wow!!

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                    I actually find these two frightening but when you're trapped on an AC RJ, it's one of the new in-flight entertainment options that will finish during the actual flight time.

                    You can get a nicer house with a nicer kitchen.

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                      You can get a nicer house with a nicer kitchen.

                      Not without way more money than I've got :).

                      I have a pretty fantastic kitchen, but that one is WAY nicer IMO

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                      I agree. Great concept, realistic skill sets. Makes for a very fun show. I like the chef's estimate of their ability beforehand. This and Chuck's Day Off ar emy favorite cooking shows.

                    3. hm, sounds fun. I'm going to have to see what channel OWN is here and add it to my favorite channels. Thats the third or fourth show I've heard of that sounds intriguing on OWN.

                      1. I find it even a little more fun when they cook from a celebrity chef's cookbook. I've seen the Bourdain, Giada and Jamie Oliver episodes, and I think they are re-running the Flay Mesa Grill cookbook this week. That should be a good one.