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Jan 6, 2011 04:05 AM

Bad Brads, New Baltimore MI: Anyone been?

Today's Detroit News has a good review of this place, and the drive along Lake St Clair is one of our favorites when the weather is nice and the Nova comes out of the garage

Has anyone been and if so, is Molly Abraham on target?

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  1. I've only eaten the brisket; I thought it was good, but not quite up to Lockharts in royal Oak. Service was friendly. And how can you not want to support a place that serves not one, but two kinds of Boone's Farm?

    BTW, the links in coney's post seem to have nothing to do with the restaurant in question.

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    1. re: vdoucette

      I just deleted the links.

      Boone's Farm...ah, memories of chanting "Boone's Farm, Boone's Farm" at the Big House before it was the Big House, and passing up the empty bottles of BF and Annie Green Springs!

      1. re: vdoucette

        I've had the pulled pork sandwich there once, and it was pretty decent. I definitely want to go back and have a full meal there as everything coming out of the kitchen looked and smelled delicious. Word of advice, don't speed through town, the cop there has nothing better to do than tail people and try and pop them for anything.

        Second tip. Stop at Stahl's Bakery in downtown New Baltimore and get some excellent baked goods.

        1. re: gooddog

          Thanks, gooddog. It looks like they are decent enough to make a roadtrip out of it

          1. re: gooddog

            I still remember your original topic gooddog, and I'm still looking forward to trying it (procrastinator). If GrueLurks says the pulled pork is "not bad" then I'm sure I am going to dig it.
            mmmmm gotta make this happen, soon.