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First Morningstar, now Bugles...

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Though not so chowish, I got a kashrut alert today that Bugles are also no longer going to be kosher...

Jan 5, 2011 Bugles Original - General Mills

Product: Bugles Original
Company: General Mills - Minneapolis, MN

Issue: General Mills is discontinuing the OU-D kosher certification from all sizes of Bugles Original due to operational changes at the production sites, and will no longer be certified.

The OU-D symbol will begin to be removed from packaging in February of 2011. Consumers are likely to see some Bugles Original packages with the OU-D symbol and some without as the transition occurs. The Bugles with the OU-D are in fact kosher.

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  1. Say it ain't so! I used to positively adore Bugles when I was a kid. A snack food and a toy all together. How much more fun can you get?

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      No toy anymore.. at least not when I bought a bag several weeks ago. Now I'm going to have to stock up- bugles and crunchy cheese puffs are my two favorite junk food items.

      1. re: cheesecake17

        Sorry, I didn't mean a toy in package, I meant that the snack itself was a toy. You could play pretend bugle with it, make a litle puppet hat, line them up and knock them over, you know, the kind of fun stuff the elicits yelps of "Stop playing with your food!"