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Jan 5, 2011 08:28 PM

de Buyer?

What is the difference between the de Buyer pans ie mineral, blue steel? I am looking for a pan solely for eggs/omelettes. I like to place pan under broiler to finish omelettes/frittatas. Which pan has the best handle for this? Thanks

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  1. This has been discussed a few times before. The two major differences are (1) Mineral is slightly thicker and (2) Force Blue has an additional laminated surface which I believe is a bluing/oxidized surface. The two permalinks below should hightlight the two particular entries:

    Both lines will work fine for your tasks. Each has its slightly advantages as described. If prices are about the same, I will go for Force Blue, but that is just me. Let me know if I have answered your question. Best wishes.

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      Thank you so much. I did a search earlier on Chow but didn't come across this link. It should be great help in making a selection.

    2. Are you thinking of a shallow crepe/omelet pan or a deeper one?

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        Probably a deeper one for omelets.

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          For the fast 2egg French omelet, a 22-24 cm crepe pan is great. I don't think you need the depth.

          I asked because my impression was the de Buyer does not make crepe pans in all the lines.

          But for a deeper omelet (frittata or tortilla style) the deeper pan would be better. Without looking at the de Buyer site, do the handles really differ between lines? As long as the handle is steel it shouldn't matter. And if the oven is deep enough, the angle of handle shouldn't matter either.

      2. I think the Force Blue would be better - especially if you intend to slide the whole pan - handle and all - under the broiler. The Mineral line has a little silicone logo button and what feels to me to be some sort of thick lacquer coating on the handle (silicone too perhaps?).

        I own a couple the older classic models and I am able to slide the whole pan into the oven without worries. Not sure if I can do that with the new Mineral line. (Time will tell...I just got them). It should be safe for frittatas if the handle isn't exposed to the broiler, I think.

        Here is a photo of both handles: