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Jan 5, 2011 08:20 PM

Iwatani butane cartridges?

I just bought the torch off amazon, but how do I get the cannisters? Anybody got a clue?

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  1. I love my butane burner and would love to hear how you like the torch. I found the cartridges at Another website had what seemed like a lower price but wanted to charge me a hazardous material shipping charge. You can also usually find them at Smart and Final.

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    1. re: carminabee

      Hey, that's great. Thanks. And yep, I'll let you know. I've been loaned a Sous-Vide Supreme, one of those water baths, so I'm eager to try the blow-torch sear method on steaks cooked sous-vide.

    2. I buy my cartridges at my local Asian Grocery store, almost all of them carry them as they use them a lot for portable stove burners used for Hot Pots. they are incredibly cheap as well ~$5 for a 4 pack.

      BTW congrats on the Iwatani, I have had one for a while and love it!! It is so much better than the little ones that come in Creme Brulee kits.

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      1. re: eber85

        I went to Phoenix and saw an Iwatani but could not buy it because I was afraid that it would be taken away from me on the plane (considered a hazard). Where can I buy an Iwatani in Montreal region? Internet only? And can I use the cartridges from eber85 Asian store with my Iwatani? Thanks.

        1. re: nazaruk

          Any restaurant supply store will have butane cartridges to fit. Doesnt have to be Iwatani brand. They all make them the same. Chefmaster, iwantani, Athena.