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Jan 5, 2011 07:08 PM

Large/beefsteak Tomato varieties

Looking for some insight here for large, rich tomatoes in a cooler climate: Montana.

In the past we've grown Marianna's Peace and Pink Caspian, but they're getting a bit hard to find.

We prefer a little tarter taste profile, e.g., Stupice, Paul Robeson, Jaune Flamme.

Any suggestions?

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  1. It may not be tart enough, but we've had really good luck with Mortgage Lifter here in MN. Very large, flavorful fruit - even with the crappy, wet and cool summer we had this year.

    1. GREEN ZEBRA--not a beefsteak per se, but at 3" across, a decent slicing size.
      Really has a nice sweet, citrus-y zing. Beautiful when sliced and alternated with red tomatoes on a platter.

      Do you use red plastic mulch and wall o waters up there??

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        Yup. We tried Green Z once, a few years ago (maybe too cold that year for full development), will maybe try again. Had good luck with a yellow Russian called Azoychka which is similar and you might enjoy. 40s at night is what hurts us here.