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Jan 5, 2011 07:04 PM

Puerto Rican restaurant?

My boyfriend is Puerto Rican and both he and his born-n-bred brooklyn family say there are no more "good" (homestyle) Puerto Rican restaurants in the hood. We frequent Castillo on flatbush and 7th ave, but his family insists that it has more of a Dominican flair (and it is marketed as both Dominican and Puerto Rican) and the boyfriend sorely misses his Aunts homemade pasteles which only make an appearance on xmas.

Id be wiling to travel to find someplace, but i'm positive he's not interested in anything "fancy." I am also not very good at determining the authenticity of recommendations, as I know virtually nothing of PR food aside from what his family has fed me.

Any ideas? Too bad so much of the authentic staples are SO labor intensive (pasteles, mofongo) or I'd make them myself! As a sidenote, we DO know about the "pastele guy" in park slope on 5th ave and 11th st, but he's been absent in the cold weather and his product is, frankly, hit or miss...

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  1. Here is a place that was recommended to me

    might be a dominican hybrid also, but probably worth a try.

    Emperador Elias
    274 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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      Man, you should tell your recommending friend to give it a good review. The single review that's there is horrid.

      1. re: Mrs Shoutfire

        isn't it funny that the single review, the person is named after the restaurant?? Well, that review is a filter maybe.

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          Doesn't seem to be filtered but it ought to be.

    2. There's a good Puerto Rican restaurant in Park Slope, J&R, on 4th Ave and 16th Street. It's only open Thursday thru Sunday.

      J&R Restaurant
      468 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

      1. You want authentic Puerto Rican food? Go to La Fonda Boricua in East Harlem. I work a few blocks away and it never fails to disappoint :-)

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          Yeah, I know this is the outer boroughs board, but La Fonda Boricua is very authentic. There's also Lechonera El Barrio on E. 103rd and Third Ave. I actually prefer the Lechonera, but they're both good.

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            Thank you for the tip on Lechonera El Barrio, versicle. Loved it. Great pernil, great morcilla, and very reasonable prices...

        2. There's El Coqui on 2nd Ave btwn 109th and 110th. Get an order of chicharrones de pollo, trust me they're worth the wait!

          La Taza de Oro on 8th btwn 14th and 15th serves authentic, relatively cheap PR food too from what I've been told. If you want a more lively, lounge-like atmosphere check out Sofrito on 57th btwn 1st and Sutton Place. A bit pricey but the portions are worth it!

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            Taza de Oro is the real deal, and the cutest place in the world probably.