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Jan 5, 2011 06:44 PM

How to prepare Galangal?

Part of my recent Asian Market experience.....awesome variety of food, but I didn't speak the language.

Thought I was buying a wonderfully shaped hand of ginger that had already been peeled or something, and of course I know now it is Galangal. I love the taste and smell, but,.,.

I normally use fresh ginger in stir-fry, a few seconds very hot. This treatment turned both sliced and minced galangal bits into, basically, wood chips.

So how do I prepare this stuff for my Asian sauces (I always make my own), stir fry, soups, clay pots, etc?

Garlic press? Blender? Long simmer? Stir fry or boil in bigger chunks, then remove? Blender and and then preserve in some liquid? Those are my ideas so far.

Any help appreciated. Again, i really like the taste and aroma.


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  1. You can slice it into coins and use it for soup. You can also grind it with other aromatic ingredients to make pastes for curry.

    Have a look at some Thai soup recipes as well as Thai curry paste recipes.