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Jan 5, 2011 06:44 PM

San Diego suggestions for gastropub hounds


About 10 of us will be in San Diego to celebrate a good friend's upcoming nuptials.

He's a big fan of gastropubs (think Father's Office in LA). There are 3 vegetarians in the bunch so something that is vegetarian friendly would be nice.

We'll be in the downtown area and up to $20-30 pp on food is fine.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Neighborhood is the closest thing downtown to Father's Office that we have. Food's not as good, but it's the same basic concept, and their burgers are definitely influenced by FO's menu.

    1. Not sure if Neighborhood is good for a group of 10 (call them). You might also check out Ritual on 30th, they have a small back room that they can turn in to a group table. Not as many taps as Neighborhood. They have several veggie/vegan dishes.

      Jayne's on 30th was the first in SD to claim itself a gastropub...only a few taps but the food is usually solid.

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        I think they could accommodate 10 pretty easily with advance notice.

        1. re: MrKrispy

          I'd 2nd the Ritual, excellent house made chow and usually some great specials on the menu. They also offer beer tasting flights and have beer dinners periodically. Stacey, one of the owners, is very helpful with beer selections.

        2. It is a little bit different then a gastropub but Cafe Chloe downtown has a private room that seats up to 12 or 14 and you could call them and see what they could do. Much better food then Neighborhood with a good selection of beer and wine.
          Neighborhood is like FO in they have stupid rules that make no sense, i.e. no ketchup for your fries or burgers....or anything.

          Cafe Chloe
          721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

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          1. re: jturtle

            I think it depends on their priorities. If they want something akin to FO, then I'm not sure how Cafe Chloe really meets that. The beer selection is very small, and not terribly interesting. If they are expecting to be able to get a nice selection of beers, than Chloe isn't such a great option IMO.

            Food-wise, I think Neighborhood is pretty similar to FO, and if that's their expectation then I don't see how the lack of ketchup would bother them.

            Cafe Chloe
            721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

          2. How about Proper Gastropub? It's downtown (right next to Petco Park), has a pretty good beer selection (though not as extensive as Neighborhood), and a lot more vegetarian options than Neighborhood. While I like Neighborhood a lot, the black bean burger there is not good.

            Also, it would be much easier to reliably get seating for 10 at Proper than at Neighborhood.