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Jan 5, 2011 05:23 PM

Woody's Family Cafe, Walled Lake, MI

DRAT - I botched the title - WOODY's; not Wally's. Geesh.

On my way to Guissepi's Deli today, I passed Woody's Family Cafe
on Pontiac Trail in Walled Lake. Due to an auto accident, I had a
few minutes to peer in windows ... and it seems like it has good

The reviews on Google, UrbanSpoon & Yelp are generally positive.
Any 'hounds been to Woody's?

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  1. The burgers are all right. I've been wanting to try them for breakfast but haven't had the chance. They always seem pretty crowded.

    1. Well I dropped into today for lunch. First thing I noticed was that I was most likely the only client probably not living on a fixed income. It was a vast sea of Gray, with a odd collection of canes and walkers here and there and the ever present canister of Oxygen at one table. It reminded me of so many places my grandparents used to take me in the late 70's community of Owosso. News paper cartoon clippings on the wall, pictures of yesteryear and a newspaper article waxing poetic about the 1964 origins of Woody's. This is not a bad thing always and is not always not a good thing. You have a great sense of community in places like this and I think is a great asset to any neighborhood.

      I looked up at the specials board and saw mainly the usual suspects, except that they included a Monte Cristo on there too. That settled that...but I also wanted soup and saw that they have Beef Barley and Cream of Mushroom. So I went with the Cream of Mushroom, which came out promptly and hot. Seeing all of the white hair should have informed me of one thing.

      Low-Sodium Environment.

      I grabbed for the trusty salt and pepper shakers and went to town. It took a good amount of Salt but I got to where I was going. I was able to make it go from "Very Bland" to serviceable. Then a few minutes later my Monte Cristo showed up. Well it was more of a Ham and Cheese between French Texas Toast. I was asked if I would like some Syrup to go with it and I declined. Now I know Wikipedia accepts French Toast as a form of Monte Cristo....but it is not what I was after. Oh well...I dipped to the middle of the table to get a Jelly pack and added some strawberry preserves. I lumped it down. I got out the door for $8.04 with a couple bucks down for a tip. The service was very quick, kind and not at all over bearing.

      Now in some corners of my mind (Nostalgia) I liked the place. In others (mainly my taste buds) I didn't. Would I go back....probably not, but then that is just my two cents.

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        So, it's the Sero's of Pontiac Trail? The couple times I have carried out, there have been a few younger families, but not much in-between that and what you described.

        Seros Restaurant
        29221 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48034