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Jan 5, 2011 05:23 PM

Bigabaldi's NY-style pizza

I am a bit biased since this place is local to me, on Marlee north of Eglinton, but I have to say this is probably my new favourite non-chain pie aside from Terroni.

The crust is thin, a bit crisp (I prefer crunchier but that's not NY-style) and I think there was a hint of basil which was nice-not overpowering.

The owner is from Coquine on Yonge, and seems quite capable in the kitchen. I look forward to other reviews and/or trying their sangwiches.

2075 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S2A4, CA

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  1. I work very near there...I am interesting in checking it out. Do they sell by the slice? Any website?

    1. Been there twice in the last two weeks. AMAZING pizza. I reccomend the Bigga it has pepperoni, bacon, homemade sausage and after it's done they put on fresh cut slices of mortadella and some fresh basil. That with the dough knots with either caramel or nutella to dip in for dessert and you're all set. Best pizza i've had in Toronto and up there with many of the pizza's I've had in NYC.

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        The couple slices I had were pretty good but not really comparable to NYC pizza IMO. I never bought a whole pizza though, just slices. I still like it a lot and will keep going back. Anyone try the sandwiches or cooked foods?

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          What NYC pizza would you compare it to?

        2. Is the address of the pizzeria itself:

          1 Romar Cres,
          Toronto, ON, M6B1R7

          I wanted to confirm, as the little map on the right now shows where Coquine is/was.

          1. I can confirm that the address is indeed 1 Romar Crescent (if you're taking the subway, exit the Glencairn platform at the north end and walk west on Viewmont street and then south on Marlee. Bigabaldi's is just south of Paul's Tomato Pie). They've only been open 7 weeks. The website is but isn't up and running yet.

            Now to the food: The pizza was excellent! In addition to whole pies, sandwiches, and pasta, they sell slices that are thin, crispy, fairly large, and made with excellent ingredients. I tried two slices and the owner offered me a donut (it looked like a big timbit) sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar with a side of nutella for dipping.

            I think I've found my go-to pizza delivery place and I'll be back for sure.

            Bigabaldi's NY-Style Pizza
            1 Romar Crescent, Toronto, ON M6B 1R7, CA

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              The big timbit sounds like a zeppole unless it had a hole in it.

            2. Easily the best pizza I've had in my 6 years in Toronto. Not quite the anorexic thinness of Libretto, QMP or other Napoli wannabees. It's not exactly NY pizza, but a damn good pie nevertheless. A little thicker, great sauce, quality cheese, fresh herbs and perfect baking is what sets them apart. Toppings are also great quality, not typical chain stuff, more like what you find at an Italian deli counter. They sell a thicker, deep dish pie too which is more Sicilian than Chicago. Plus, they have a full menu of other tasty goodies such as arancini, meatball-stuffed buns, sandwiches, calzones, pastas, salads and cinnamon knots for dessert. They even sell bread! Kudos to the enthusiastic counter staff too, something rare to find these days. A small 6-slice Bigga pizza with pepperoni, sausage, bacon and mortadella is $15 if I remember correctly, about the same for the small deep dish salami pie that we had. Great value IMO, because our 2 small pizzas ended up to be enough for two dinners. They also have a catering menu FYI.

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                I cannot wait to try this place! I don't live particularly close, but it sounds like it will be worth it to make the trek out there!!! Like I said, I cannot wait and will be going soon!!