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Jan 5, 2011 04:40 PM

Any recs ins Southern Umbria?

Anyone have any suggestions for this area, say between Perugia and the border w/ Lazio? We'll be based in Orvieto and I have enough recommendations from this board for there. What I'm interested is in good local cooking as we drive around.

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  1. I really enjoyed eating at Coccorone in Montefalco. The town is famous for its very strong and delicious red wine, Sagrantino, and the restaurant serves several stellar dishes incorporating the wine.

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    1. My tested recs:
      Il Boccone del Prete in Porano and we are still in Umbria.
      La Capracampa in Acquapendente - we are in Lazio but at a stone's throw from Tuscany and Umbria.


      1. Antica Hosteria de la Valle in Todi comes highly recommended by friends who have eaten there and from reviews I read here and other places.

        It is on our list for our upcoming trip in June for at least lunch and possibly dinner as well.

        Todi is not far from Orvieto.